Capcom Shares Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Sales Numbers

Despite its budgeted price and new characters, sales of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 fall short of its predecessor.

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Simon_Brezhnev2357d ago

It should had sold less than that.

specialguest2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

I would like to believe that this short fall in sales has a direct correlation and was a result of the f**ked up move they pulled on fans by not offering DLC updates, but instead, releasing UMVC3 9 months from the release of MVC3. In a way, it's like Capcom saying, "oops! We messed up and we're not going to fix it. Here, buy this complete version instead."

It's no surprise that Capcom is known for releasing an enhanced version of their fighting games, but UMVC3's timing crossed the line.

Simon_Brezhnev2357d ago

Yep your right not even the mighty COD releases 2 games in the same year.

josephayal2357d ago

Agreed, no more MvC games in 5 years