Mass Effect 3 Demo Gives Players Free Xbox Live Gold

A post on the Bioware forums has confirmed that Xbox will be giving those who download the Mass Effect 3 demo a free limited Xbox Live Gold pass.

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RedDead2359d ago

That's pretty awesome actually. I'm surprised

krazykombatant2359d ago

ran out of Gold, and uni is keeping me busy, so I doubt
I'll find time to play this.

I think i'm just going to wait patently for the whole shebang to come out and then i'll immerse myself with the game.

Vega752359d ago

This is great news. I was going to get this game on my PC but I refuse to install origin on my PC. So I'm getting this game on my 360 so I'm looking forward to getting this game and Alan wake AN and I am alive.

bobrea2359d ago

Nice. That's the only way ill ever get gold back on my xbox

Hueynewton20122359d ago ShowReplies(1)
Bundi2359d ago

It would be even more awesome if xbox gold was just free. Indefinitely. Period. Cross game chat is great and all but I'll gladly take a stripped down version of Gold with JUST multiplayer for free.

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