ZTGD | Kung Fu High Impact Review

Michael Futter writes: Right around the time the Playstation Move came out, a little developer called Virtual Air Guitar Company released a game called Kung Fu Live. The Playstation Eye was the key to the title, putting the player in the game, as if they were on a moving green screen filled with comic-style backdrops and goofy enemies. The game met mixed reviews, partly because of the hardware.

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Rainstorm812274d ago

Kung Fu Live was a fun game but definitely a chore to get the room lighting and PS Eye to work together perfectly.

When it released i said the game probably would do better for Kinect looks like Virtual Air Guitar Company had the same thought in mind.

PaladinXII2274d ago

Definitely no lighting issues. The game really does a solid job of tracking. No jerky motion that you get with a lot of Kinect games.