NPD Analysis: Game|Life Editors Square Off

WIRED Magazine is trying something different for this month's analysis of the NPD Group's videogame industry sales reports for the month of November. Rather than Chris Kohler just talk at you, contributors Susan Arendt and Earnest Cavalli are going to jump in for some back-and-forth.

November was a fascinating month overall. Not only does NPD call it the biggest November on record with $1.74 billion dollars spent on video games, it seems to be setting the stage for the biggest December on record next month.

Nintendo DS exploded with 1.5 million units sold, and with no supply constraints on Nintendo's little stylus handheld that could, the sky's the limit. Call of Duty 4 and Assassin's Creed did surprisingly well. There's no end of things to talk about.

Watch the results unfold after the jump:

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power of Green 4015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )

Hmmm. I thought the demographic was mostly hardcore gamers and Casual young to middle aged adults with a healthy mix of everything else(kids, teens, wemen). Broke teenagers spend thousands of dollars on HDTV's!, Sound systems! and hundreds of dollars on games! every few months?.

Sure the bulk of the casual base has yet to be won over from last generation's hold. Calling the most money generating platform I can think of based on whats out and the size of the base currently" a bunch of broke teens is foolish maybe I missread the Para.

Real Gambler4015d ago

Very scary... It's usually the other way around!!!

But yes, you're totally right.

I guess the 18 millions "kids" who have bought the 360s and PS3s at price averaging $450 are so poor, we should start a fundraiser to feed them. Sure they cannot buy games at $60 a pop.

Well, maybe 18 millions is not demographic!!! But how many is???

ShiftyLookingCow4015d ago

also stupid "broke kids" buy a ton of games. I suppose they have found a way to grow money on trees(its probably a printer).

zapass4014d ago

they meant "made up of dorks and suckas" to which I'll add the occasional zealous troll who get his news from... Wired but still think it's kewl to share. my grand-ma got her news from Wired, you guys would have plenty to share with her, I'll fwd her the link, thx.


I agree with you!!! Those guys are freaking hilarious, 360 is a MONSTER for software sales!!!

Most of their demographic is COLLEGE STUDENTS, the majority of college on up people own 360 by far and away....I just bought more games myself!!!!

Tons and TONS of games to choose from!!

Toys R Us sale means BUY 3 great games GET ONE FREE!!!

With the December totals piling in, I wouldn't be surprised if 360 sales had DOUBLED with all the people buying their first copies of gears of war, lost planet, monster valley, super robot wars etc!!!

I am getting splinter cell 5 TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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wiizy4015d ago

they forgot to say that next year , my opinion is that wii will actually sell more then it did this year...which is really going to send fanboys to the shrink...since next year is when wii actually get a bunch of games and quality exclusives and most likely a price drop......2008 is going to be the true nintendo year.

OOG FunK4014d ago

indeed...questionable...but indeed lol

salgoods4014d ago

the first 7 letters of your name describe what you just said the best buddy