Game of Thrones RPG - Riverspring Trailer

DSOGaming writes: "Focus Home Interactive has released a new trailer for their upcoming Game of Thrones RPG that brings us to the troubled waterside town of Riverspring and Sarwyck Keep, the home of its ruling family."

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Hellsvacancy2300d ago

Looks awesome, i want to see some gameplay though, i REALLY hope the combat is like it is in Demon/Dark Souls, and i hope it violent, the books are (yes, i read 3 of the books before the TV series came out)

Knight_Cid2300d ago

it looks like shovelware generic western stuff

VoggNogg2300d ago

As much as I want to like Cyanide, nothing they do is good. However they have some of the coolest licenses to work with (Game of Thrones and Blood Bowl)... They just need to work on continuing support for a game after it launched... They patch their games, then sell the "fixed" version as a new game (ie. Blood Bowl, Blood Bowl: Dark Elves edition, Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition)... Sad to see another great license go down that same slope as well (ie. Game of Thrones: Genesis). This is just my rant, some people may disagree; but make your own decisions!