The Darkness II: First Impressions (TiredButWired)

In the Darkness II, you yet again play anti-hero Jackie Estacado, who has eschewed The Darkness (the demon that possessed Jackie in the first game) in all its tentacally glory for the peaceful hum-drum life of a mafia boss. Let’s face it, if a big tentacled demon held you back as your other-half was shot in the face you probably wouldn’t want them hanging around either.

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vickers5002387d ago

I loved the first darkness, but the darkness 2 looks MUCH better than the first. The first game went for more realistic graphics, which was fine at the time, but realistic graphics do not age well. Games with great art styles however, do age well, and The Darkness 2 has a very great art style.

And the first darkness was just as repetitive, if not more so, than the demo. And if you hate rumble so much, then just turn it off when you play the full game.

Crappy "preview".