EA reports its highest operating cash flow in 31 quarters

EA recorded their highest operating cash flow in 31 quarters and grew segment share in both Europe and North America.

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Bundi2270d ago

All the while THQ are shutting down studios, Ninty are reporting first loss in years and SONY are continuing their billion dollar losing streak.

susanto12282269d ago

Don't let this article or EA mislead you a lot of this money
came from SWTOR which they spent 300M on. They have 1.something million subscribers and they are hoping to recoup their loses. Won't happen it's Warhammer Age or Reckoning all over again. SWTOR will probably top out at 700,000 by Fall 2012 once people start hitting level 50 and start logging on and logging off they will unsuscribe. EA's financial dept. stopped sweating for now because of all the box sales and subscription money but that twill end once box sales subside which will happen very soon unless they plan on putting out a large expansion pack out later this year...doubt it will only anger yah misleading article.