How To Kill Dragons with a Single Arrow in Skyrim

[ Writes] Do you have the patience it takes to craft a mighty bow, capable of felling an elder dragon with a single strike? We ask because ... well, we'd love for you to take care of it for us. Here's our copy of Skyrim. Thanks!

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QuodEratDemonstrandm2144d ago

Haha you beat me.

If you shoot them in the knee, then they have to take jobs with the city watch.

"I used to be an elder dragon, then I took an arrow to the knee."

vallencer2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

Sneak up to 100 and a bow to the face???

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Emilio_Estevez2144d ago

Great Video Man! I gotta get me some of this awesome armor and weapons later tonight.

trixnine2144d ago

thanks, be careful with it it tho...weilding the power of the gods can make everything alittle too easy so keep it at reasonable levels...also next vid is how to shout relentlessly so subscribe to see that one :) cos its really good fun

Arts10002144d ago

Such exciting commentary ....... He should speak at my wedding

trixnine2144d ago

its a tutorial though isnt it, with lots of complicated info...its not a fun comm - if you want that kind of thing check out some of the other ones like how to become a horse. which is much more playful.

BX812144d ago

I think using anything glitched (potion) is lame. With that said it's still cool to see and it's not MP so he's not hurting anyone just having fun with it. My fav. line by far is when he said it's wick, I wouldn't sniff at it.LOL. I'm not a fan of these types of games but Skyrim sucked me it. If anyone hasn't played it and is reading this, support these devs and buy it new. Great game and good video.

trixnine2144d ago

Thank You for saying :) agreed, skyrim is a lovely game

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The story is too old to be commented.