10 HD Collections We'd Pay To Play

Metal gear Solid HD Collection is out this week in the UK, so NowGamer looks at 10 amazing games that deserve HD collection treatment.

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Feckles2389d ago

Abe's Oddysee would look fantastic in 1080p.

Andronix2388d ago

GTA Vice CIty
GTA San Andreas

The gameplay is still rock solid but I'd love to play all three with updated HD graphics and trophies/ achievements.

TimmyShire2389d ago

It's rare but I'd have to say I agree with all of these.

garos822389d ago

great list indeed. shenmue and jet set were awesome, onimusha would be great to introduce new gamers to the series and hopefully imspire capcom to do a 5th version.

one series id like to add to that list is definately the ssx series in hd

Yi-Long2389d ago

... although personally I would add Power Stone HD Collection!

TimmyShire2389d ago

Jet Set Radio is my most wanted HD rerelease! I love, love, LOVE that game!

Good call on the SSX series, though I guess that's what the new one is all for.

I'd also agree with Yi-Long - Power Stone HD will be a must-buy!

Tomonobu Itagaki2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

Acid is an insult to the Metal Gear Solid saga. None should try to revive that filthy demon. It must remain in the oblivion.

SnakeCQC2389d ago

i've been wanting a onimusha hd collection and a new one for years

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