Top 5 best reasons PS Vita will totally outshine PSP

Pocket Gamer's Peter Willington writes: "The PSP is a great handheld that unfortunately never got the recognition it deserved in the wider gaming space. Perhaps, it was too focused on 'core' gamers while the DS was getting people from all walks of life involved in electronic entertainment? Maybe, it was too expensive at launch? Maybe, piracy crippled it from a developer's perspective, resulting in fewer games for the platform? With Sony's second portable console, the PS Vita, though, there's a chance for the company to right the wrong turns it took with the PSP, and we think it's very likely Sony will."

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farhad2k82301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )

Finally, a positive PS VITA article. Made my day!

Mikhail2301d ago

I think their approach with the VITA is to cater with the Western audience based on the software. I always knew that the vita would not outsell the 3DS in Japan seeing that they have big software launches their.

Knight_Cid2301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )

5 reason we dont know

1) It isnt out worldwide yet
2) It isnt 7 years later
3) Why does something have to outshine something else?
4) I cant think of anything
5) Relax

Seriously though the only thing I take issue with is the games. We dont know how the libary will be. You really cant predict that

better hardware does not automatically equal better library, in fact it almost never does.

The psp had the second best library this gen of amazing titles. Both quality and quantity

Mikhail2301d ago

Indeed, PSP has a great library. Though, my preference leans on Japanese games so...perhaps because I am asian..

r212301d ago

yes i want vita for reasons. mostly gaming though but yes reasons.

BuffMordecai2301d ago

I just hope it outsells the psp, it looks like the best handheld created.