Darkness II Demo Impressions (JoyBlind)

Serge Leshchuk: "All in all, the demo gave me an exciting glimpse into the world of Darkness II. Some very welcome visual changes accompanied by a very solid quad-wielding system. It already has me wanting to play more, and shouldn't that be what demos are all about?"

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Mikeyy2357d ago

I just played the demo last night and i was dissapointed. The Darkness 2 is missing so much the first had.

No monologue on the loading screens? The cell shading was a surprise that i dont like... i hate it in this game. I think they made some bad changes i think im skipping it.

Mikeyy2357d ago

Also why only 720p? The game has the graphical horsepower of a turtle...

HellzAssassin2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

So much? Such as what?
I thoroughly enjoyed the demo and played it multiple times. I absolutely adored the original; in fact I'm replaying for the 4th time this week in anticipation for the sequel. Sure the cell shading is something alot of people including myself aren't too fond of, but the gameplay was actually top notch and makes up for it. Plus, I've got quite the obsession with blood/gore and the excessive amount used was great! Plus, the co-op looks incredibly fun! As for the demo it had quite the unique playstyle compared to alot of the generic shooters out there nowadays. I'm definitely looking forward to the sequel and still have my copy pre-ordered.

Btw, I wasn't any of the people who disagreed :P

chriski3332357d ago

not impressed really dont like the cartoon graphics and it wasnt that fun. to bad was kinda looking forward for this game

h311rais3r2357d ago

Why does no one get the cell shading is to mimic the comics.

dead_eye2357d ago

When I saw the first video with the cell shading I thought it looked shit. I knew what they were trying to do but I didn't think it worked. After playing the demo I thought it worked really well (I still prefer the art style of the first one) Think it's going to be a fun game.

HellzAssassin2357d ago

Agreed. I think the cell shading was done alright to an extent. But like everyone else; I do prefer the art style of the original. Fuck the haters, TD2 will be incredible!...

Rampaged Death2357d ago

Exactly. The developers even call it Graphic Noire. I really like it.

GraySnake2356d ago

also the cell-shading helps intensify the gore.

Pintheshadows2357d ago

Well, I thought the demo was fantastic so nur nur nur.