The Darkness 2 Demo Impressions (TheGamingVault)

Do you guys believe in a thing called love? How about demon tentacles penetrating everything? Either one will suffice if you want to watch my first experience with the comic-based supernatural shooter The Darkness 2. Be warned, though: if you are ill at ease at the sight of some hardcore dismemberment then turn away immediately. This stuff gets pretty cray.

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CanadianTurtle2302d ago

In my honest opinion without any silly fanboyism: Darkness2 had the best demo I've ever played. Can't wait for the full release. It has that same creepy and artistic style as Bioshock. Of course they're not really on the same level but still. Darkness 2 is definitely worth a "buy" if you are tired of the same old military shooters.

Pintheshadows2302d ago

I wouldn't say best demo ever (I reserve that for the original Unreal Tournament demo, it had 8 maps!) but I totally agree otherwise. It's a shame that CoD has jaded so many gamers into the "just another FPS" routine. There are many that are actually worthwhile. Example, F3AR.

CanadianTurtle2301d ago

I wouldn't really agree that CoD has destroyed the fps genre. I think that award goes to the developers that try to copy cod rather than sticking to their style.

I mean, look at Halo Reach. It stayed 95% within it's own boundaries. Sure it added sprint, but thats a very small change in the overall presentation of the game. Halo Reach still stayed true to it's fanbase and it's original content.