Battlefield 3 DLC announcement coming next week in New York

New Battlefield 3 DLC will be announced in New York next week, EA has suggested during an overnight call with investors.

Responding to a question about DLC for titles including FIFA 12 and Battlefield 3, EA VP of Investor Relations Peter C. Ausnit said: "You're going to hear some announcements from us on Battlefield actually as early as next week in an event we've got in New York."

Ausnit didn't offer any further details.

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ardivt2334d ago

personally I hope for some north american maps with giant canadian woods and small seaside towns.

Yi-Long2334d ago

... but personally I'm hoping for an asian mappack:

Jungle in Vietnam, neon-lit cities in Tokyo/Hong Kong (having both a day and a night variation), forests in Japan, snow in Korea, etc etc.

I wouldn't mind an American mappack, but we've been playing in american cities and environments for many many years now in games, so I'd like to see some original locations.

Also, I really want a snowmap, with snow gently falling down and having it crackle under your feet when you run through it.

It would be nice to also have some frozen lakes on such a map where you can blow away the ice under the feet of rushing opponents... :)

irepbtown2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )

Totally agree. I think they should take a few risks and make some maps that are unique. Yes Canadian woods would be nice, but also some European maps as well as Asian maps (not middle east, already too many there).

One very nice map would be;
lets say Korea (since you mentioned it), at NIGHT and snowing. However the snow varying, so for a couple of minutes it is light snow, the next heavy snow.

And some CO-OP maps. I've completed them and i'm quite bored. Maybe add 4 player co-op and SPLIT SCREEN. When I get friends/family around I always play Fifa or COD because they have split screen. Would love to play BF3 with them :D

Nearly forgot#
Increase the limit from 24 players. Not exactly up to 64 like PC, but try and get close. Resistance managed to do it so come on Dice, lets see a bit more of your quality.

tokugawa2334d ago

how about patching this mess first dice??

i am sure that ps3 owners would like to hear an input lag fix as well

irepbtown2334d ago

I dont have a massive problem with the input lag. I've actually got use to it.
I would love them to fix it however It isn't A massive problem.

BatRastered2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )

You know, I've heard the snow maps for so long now that I just didn't care anymore, it just seemed too hyped. Then I heard your frozen lake idea, @Yi-Long... I LOVE this idea. Blowing up the ice under an advancing enemy's feet would be awesome!

My biggest want right now though is for them to use the bigger version of the maps on TDM instead of SQDM and have the vehicles in TDM (basically reverse SQDM and TDM since Team has more players, 24 vs 16).

Solid_Snake372334d ago

Yeah killzone 3 and uncharted 2 did snow perfectly, let's see if Dice pay any attention to how snow works in those games

Kurt Russell2333d ago

A 2043 add on like they did with Naam would be nice :D

zeeshan2333d ago

Let me guess... the announcement in addition to the DLC will be, "We have nerfed this, that, oh and that and then there is that and that gun and this gun and this attachment, and those rounds and oh as for the input lag, yeah, we are aware of the problem and are still working on it so don't hold your breaths."

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trenso12334d ago

does anyone know where or when this even it NY is? and if its even open to the public?

2334d ago
PhantomT14122334d ago

Yeah why not some Time Square since it appeared in the campaign?

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MrGunny942334d ago

Hmm... Battlefield 2143 would be awesome... Gief Titan mode

Vladplaya2334d ago

I hope they will make separate game for 2143, no need to take one game and then shove it inside another one...

BlackTar1872334d ago

2142 is still my favorite BF.

Rainstorm812334d ago

Cant wait to see whats in store.... Enjoying Back to Karkand but we definatly need more variety

Yi-Long2334d ago

... I think the problem is that the original 9 maps that Battlefield 3 has, only 4 are proper Battlefield maps, and the rest are smaller maps which don't really give you that Battlefield freedom we know and love.

Tehran Highway, Damavand Peak, Metro, Crossing the Seine, and Bazaar are too straightforward, too small, and too hectic for my liking...

I really wish Dice would have left those out and maybe offered them in a seperate mappack for those who want those smaller maps, and instead would have given us more proper big Battlefield maps.

soundslike2334d ago

I've played since BF2 and I can't stand Kharg and Firestorm.

Theres nothing 'proper' about those maps.

Back in the day I played a lot of smaller matches, as did LOTS of people on infantry only server. This "proper battlefield" nonsense only came about after Call of Duty got popular.

torchic2334d ago

I agree with soundslike. Firestorm & Kharg Island on console at least suck donkey balls. waaay to big for 24 players.

by far the best maps for console (12 vs. 12) IMO are both Noshahr Canals and Seine Crossing.

frostypants2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )

Can we all agree that Caspian Border is far and away the best map? IMHO anyway. If they had servers that were nothing but that map 24/7, that's where I'd be.

And I like Kharg Island, too...even on consoles.

pr0digyZA2334d ago

Caspian border-"If they had servers that were nothing but that map 24/7, that's where I'd be."

Well there are actually quite a few servers that do that.

tokugawa2334d ago

lol crapspian border the best map!!

overrated, and nothing special. all the points are right next to each other, with some big stupid unused area around them. one of the worst imo

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scrambles2334d ago

please god no New York subway map. if there is... god help us

oddman762333d ago

HAHA true !! just put metro in dlc slap some American advertising to replace the French and slap some graffiti on the trains voila operation subway. easy money :)

scrambles2333d ago

O nah theyll vary the maps but itll still spam alley plus if we dont get more B2K style maps then i dont know how long i'll be playing this game tbh. Most of the maps that shipped with it are pretty bad. B2K is only gonna last me so long til i go back to downloading old classic games i never played in my childhood. If this DLC doesnt live up to B2K then i doubt ill buy any other DLC.

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