New Valve IP Concept Art Leaked

The DOTA 2 leak gave birth to a flood of rumour about a possible space combat game from Valve. New life has been breathed into these rumours by the appearance of new concept art work on Peter Konig’s website.

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Pikajew2391d ago

Classic Valve. releasing anything but Half-Life 3

MrGunny942391d ago

Would be funny to see Valve doing an MMO :)

PamPoovey2391d ago

Half life 3 first Valve

Honestly if they do this before HL3 then I think they've really crossed the line.

It went something like this

Teasing - Cute - Annoying - Trolling -and if this happens - MEGA trolling

Noticeably_FAT2391d ago

Valve is the most overrated developer I've ever seen. People love Half Life, but I find it to be the most boring game I've ever attempted to play.

They use the same, tired engine on all of their games and yet people complain about Activision and COD....

I'll pass on anything Valve has to offer.