Top Industry Highlights Of 2007

Digital Battle writes, "We already touched on ten of the biggest disappointments of 2007, but that doesn't mean a lot of great things didn't occur along the way. While there are easily 20 amazing titles that came out this year, each of one being a highlight, we instead are going to take a look at some of the events that happened, rather than what we got out of it. So what great things occurred in 2007?"

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GlossGreen3842d ago

bigger story was there with the 360 this year? Halo 3's launch was up there with it but this, at least for me, is number 1.

Real Gambler3842d ago

This launch was awesome, but the advertising budget alone was enough to buy a small country!!! C'mon, Halo 3 never needed that much advertisement. They could have let Halo 3 sell by itself, then use that money do develop another game!

How many people bought Halo 3 because they saw it on a can of Mountain Dew???

vgn243842d ago

It's not "how many people bought the game because of dew". It's "how many people bought dew because it had halo on it".

How many people went to BK just to get a Halo cup?

And so on.

This is called cross marketing. MS didn't pay for all that. It's co-op marketing that benefits both parties. MS got free exposure and the products sold more. Simple as that.

Real Gambler3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

Ok, so people who like Halo are buying Dew... How many cans do they drink??? How much do you think it did cost, in lawyers alone, to get all the dot on the i and all the little bars on the t, for what you think is cheap cross marketing.

What about the other partners. Did you buy a Samsung tv or took the Comcast boat when you bought yours? Those are hidden cost too. Sure, company laywers are already on the payroll, but trust me, in the months before the launch, those guys were working overtime big time.

I just find it sad that so much money went into advertisement (and hidden charges) for one single game, while so many great games got zip. How often did you came across advertisement for Call of Duty 4? Mass Effect?

I would not call it a highlight, but a shame. Could have feed 2 or 3 millions starving people, Mountain Dew can included, and Halo would still have sold as well anyway. That would have been a better highlight for 2007, no?

vgn243841d ago

Who cares how many people it would have fed? The money involved in this equation has zip to do with starving people. The money involved belongs to the companies who earned it, thus can, and should be spent however they want. Obviously you still don't get the full idea.

Do you think MS paid to get their game plastered all over a pontiac? No. Considering these companies have full time attorneys, not retained attorneys, then that doesn't even factor in. Please stick to talking about what you know. I'm not insulting you or calling you stupid, but regarding this field, you are ignorant of the moving parts and players. Please don't continue to spit out incorrect and unconnected theories and points of view.

The Halo 3 game benefited from this exposure. Do you think every gamer spends their free time online researching games? No. It's a new world with casual gamers who need these games put in their faces. You are ONLY looking at it from your point of view. You need to broaden your thinking when you think in marketing terms. You're not appealing to one type of person. You're marketing this game for those in he know and those that may only catch a glimpse of it on another product.

I beg you to do a little research on marketing before you respond again.

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bootsielon3842d ago

When is Microsoft going to do a product that doesn't fail?

jinn3842d ago

Assassin's Creed