Why is THQ in Trouble?

THQ has been all over the news lately with its financial woes. But what got it into this mess?

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gtxgamer22358d ago

with darksiders and metro coming out their stocks will raise again

salinidus2358d ago

i hope so, although they tend to make lower quality games, they do put out good games here and there

AntoineDcoolette2358d ago

I enjoy METRO, STALKER, The Dawn of War series, and Darksiders quite a bit.

They flopped Red Faction with Armageddon though lol

Captain Qwark 92358d ago

too many shit games and not enough good ones, thats the problem here. its like none of the management at thq realized that making 40 shitty licensed based games equals decent profits but those profits cant even come close to what you can make if you make 1 new triple a ip.. the talent is out there, hell they did it with darksiders. that game may have not lit up the sales charts but it did set a solid foundation for a new franchise and i can almost guarantee that the sequel will sell even better now that it has established itself as an excellent action game. if they focused more on the hardcore and less on the casual to begin with, its unlikely that they would be in this situation to begin with. casual should have been the side projects not the main focus.

either way, hopefully this works out becuase i do love darksiders and while they need work, i do enjoy the wwe games.

lastly the ceo should have taken a 100% pay cut to keep more people on staff, its more or less his fault to begin with that they're in this situation so why should others be punished

RandomDude6552358d ago

Yep, people aren't going to spend their very limited disposable income on a mediocre game (SR and RF excluded) in this economy. That's all there is to it.

plato2358d ago

This is how the 1977 and 1983 video game crashes commenced....

unknownhero11232358d ago

there were two crashes? I do agree though, we are headed towards another crash because the people in charge are making dumbass decisions.

plato2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

It also crashed in 1977. Before the time of many on this site.
The amount of companies brining out systems with just 'pong' as the only game with little to no variants, caused the 1977 game crash.

RandomDude6552358d ago

@ plato
Kinda sounds like everyone ripping off COD

Half-Mafia2358d ago

THQ doesnt have a yearly big hitting game.

-Activision has COD
-EA has the sports games (Fifa,Madden) and Battlefield.
-Ubisoft with Assassins Creed & Just dance
-Take Two with sports games and every now and then a R* game.

galgor2358d ago


But the problem is too many lackluster titles being published by them.

lzim2358d ago

Home Front and Red faction not doing well are the reason they aren't doing well.

Why those games were so short and didn't live up to expectations though.. that's harder to answer.

ZippyZapper2358d ago

The sad thing is Red Faction should have done well. Homefront IMO is better than MW and BF.

lzim2358d ago

And Saints Row TT is pretty impressive too. Shame for them if they couldn't turn those games into big money earners.

RememberThe3572358d ago

Homefront actually sold pretty well considering it didn't win any critics over. I think it did 2 mil+. Red faction Armageddon did flop though. They really need to up their quality cuz right now they release a good game once in a blue moon.

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The story is too old to be commented.