Who Cares About Final Fantasy Anymore?

An (admittedly emotional) look at how the "Final Fantasy" franchise, once among the best in gaming, has lost its way and made itself irrelevant.

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RedDead2182d ago

I do, it's shi* atm but I still would like to see it return

MAiKU2182d ago

Everyone who complains is someone that obviously cares, something you see on a daily basis on FF related articles. Defeated the article before even reading it. Like a boss.

Mikhail2182d ago

I bought consoles because of it slong with I care that it would once again be called a masterpiece....well..i hope..

Chippydip2182d ago

"Final Fantasy X – released December 2001 – Success. People go wild. Yay."

kerrak2182d ago

Final Fantasy irrelevant ... tunnel vision, anyone?

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