B’z provides the theme song for Dragon’s Dogma

B’z will be providing a theme song for Capcom’s new game “Dragon’s Dogma,” titled, “Into Free -Dragon-.”

The new song “Into Free -Dragon-” is a re-recorded version of “Samayoeru Aoi Dangan” which was released in 1998, with a newly written lyrics in English. It’s currently undecided whether they would release that version or not.

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Game4life2271d ago

This sounds epic even though i don't feel like it goes with the game at the moment

Baka-akaB2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

Glad it aint coming to die during the feb-march flood of games .

Day 1 purchase

Redempteur2270d ago

So true .. I'm gonna get it ..because i trust the team behing this and i'm loving what i see

Game4life2270d ago

I'll probably get it day one but i need to look up videos of the game and more information since i haven't seen alo about this games in months. All i know is it comes in may, has dragons, its a action game though it looks like a action rpg to me a little bit.