Sony: "The Vita Will Be a Driving Force Behind the Games Division"

Joel Taveras writes, "During Sony’s 2011 3rd quarter earnings call, former PlayStation boss and now newly appointed CEO Kazuo Hirai, had a good amount of explaining to do. Sony is 2 billion in the red, with all of their major businesses not performing up to par. When asked about PlayStation Vita sales in Japan, Hirai..."

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remanutd552360d ago

well then support it till the end , not like the psp . if the launch line up is anything to go by then the system have great years ahead of it in terms of software support , in my opinion the vita will have the best western launch line up of a playstation system ever . keep adding apps , improving online ( i mean i know its everything the ps3 has but playstation home ) but theres always room to improve , perhaps a 4G version in the future? bring the games i will keep supporting the system .

Jolt2360d ago

I'd pay billions for Vita to be "like the PSP", the software support of PSP was excellent.

Colwyn2360d ago (Edited 2360d ago )

The psp has a good library of quality games and the ps vita is a vast improvement over the psp. I have faith in Sony to be very successful with the vita because of their experiences. Psp is very successful and sold more than all other non Sony consoles and handheld before its generation so any talk about it being a failure is a fallacy.

All Sony has to do is support the vita with a lot of software and we all know Sony can and will based on the support of the ps3 and previous playstation systems.

The vita will see great success because a lot if people love graphics and tech of now gen games and the ps vita can deliver it. The western market love graphics and AAA games so I know the vita will do well. The vita can replicate all games available for hi def consoles of today so if the software is there then a potential of 120 million xbox and ps3 gamers are available.

remanutd552360d ago

not from sony , not in the beginning and certainly not lately from anybody , i hope the system doesnt get hack anytime soon

Jolt2360d ago

I think you should check out the PSP software, because what you're saying just isn't real.

PSP had a great support by Sony, they brought almost all the 1st party series, and they also got a good number of new games for it like Locoroco, Patapon, Patchwork Heroes, Pursuit Force series etc.

As for the third parties, in the first years PSP got the best western support ever for a handheld, while in the latters it got(and still get) a shitload of japanese games that made it compete with the J-Libraries of PS2 and DS.

Anon19742360d ago (Edited 2360d ago )

"Kazuo Hirai, had a good amount of explaining to do. Sony is 2 billion in the red, with all of their major businesses not performing up to par."

Do you not know what "par" means? Have a look at other Japanese electronics makers and you'll see Sony is exactly performing on par with the others. Everyone of them is in trouble - and there's no explaining needed because shareholders and analysts all know exactly what the cause is. I slowing TV market, strong yen and the Thai floods, on top of a terrible economy and Japan's earthquake - it's no mystery why numbers aren't great. Don't pretend like this is somehow isolated to Sony.

And also, where'd this quote come from? In the article (if you can call it that) there's no mention of this statement.

Mikhail2360d ago

Perhaps they'll push the vita-ps3/combo and maybe extend it to the ps4 if possible.

jacobie742360d ago ShowReplies(1)
plato2360d ago

""The Vita Will Be a Driving Force Behind the Games Division"

With the changing mobile game market. I wish them luck if this is their new direction. They will need it.

jujubee882360d ago

With the constant original IP idea rip-offs from already rich mobile gaming companies, overpriced microtransactions from most mobile games, and media outlets that can only boast the current mediocracy of mobile gaming; mobile gaming needs the sentiment from a gamer who likes to invest in tactile hardware and software with creativity.

So, I truly wish mobile gaming "all the best".


gamingdroid2360d ago

I was thinking the same. Why isn't an established product like the PS3 the driving force?

New consoles and handhelds aren't the "driving force", they are loss leaders! Established products are supposed to be the profit makers....

Even more troubling is the slow PS Vita sales, and the encroaching smart phone market.

GraveLord2360d ago

3DS says hi. 15 million sold and once it was labeled a doomed handheld.

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