Uncharted: Golden Abyss Shock Resistant Case revealed for PS Vita

The Uncharted: Golden Abyss Shock Resistant Case, as well as two other new cases from Thrustmaster, has been revealed for the PS Vita video game system.

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Pikajew2360d ago

I think everyone who is buying a vita should get this because it will protect the vita if it falls.

FriedGoat2360d ago

Not sure if I like Beige, I think black is the colour to go for with the vita!

MasterCornholio2360d ago

Same for the 3DS because if it falls the hinges can break. Neither of these handhelds are very durable.


tarbis2360d ago

I like them both. Can't decide which one to get. X_X

remanutd552360d ago

wow i have the first edition blundle paid off already but im not planning to use the case so one of these will do , the uncharted and black case are looking good !!

remanutd552360d ago

omg that one is really kool , is it coming to NA as well ?

RevXM2359d ago

In my opnion the Uncharted one doesnt look good, but the black one looks kinda neat.

Cases are probably the most important accessory for most mobile devices!
Want my vita to stay clean, good looking and working.
Screen protectors too are for me a must have.

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