Preview: Mortal Kombat Vita has more ways to Finish Him

Destructoid takes a look at the enhancements and updates NetherRealm studios have made to their iconic fighting franchise in preparation for its release on Playstation Vita.

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tarbis2241d ago

Even if the characters has lower poly count. The action is very fluid. Good job NetherRealms =D

MasterCornholio2241d ago

I am quite content that this game has online multiplayer unlike many Vita games. Devs really should try and include online multiplayer in all games that would go well with it. I mean there's no reason why they can't do it the Vita and PSN are more than capable of handling great multiplayer experiences. Looking forward to this title since it isn't just a simple port of MK9.


XanthanGun2241d ago

Couldn't agree more. The detail they've gotten out of a handheld is amazing. Seriously need to consider what games to get with the Vita, the launch line up is staggering!