At Least One Person Believes Final Fantasy V is the Best Game in the Series

Kotaku - Finally Fantasy V is the best Final Fantasy of the main series, and here's why.

The job system is brilliantly designed: There is no "proper" way to do anything in the game (an issue so very common with other FFs). Any job combo is possible to beat the game with (and I mean ANY, check out the annual Four Jobs Fiesta, where 4 jobs are randomly rolled). Even unusual combos can prove highly effective (I was quite happy when I discovered the power of a Berserk Monk/Barehanded Berserker by accident, especially as it has a very low AP to set up).

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Relientk772268d ago

Obvious title is obvious.

silkrevolver2268d ago

It’s in my top five of the series. Great game.

Shok2268d ago

I know most people would disagree with me but....

FFX was actually my favorite. I recognize 3,4,6, and 9 as the best in the series but I seriously just enjoyed FFX over the rest.

Just my opinion.

specialguest2268d ago

I regret not playing this yet. I still remember seeing screenshots of FFV for the first time on an old EGM magazine. I used to daydream about what it would be like to play FFV and wishing the game would somehow make it to the US, but that never happened until the distant future.

coryok2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

every year theres a 'play for charity' type thing with final fantasy 5.

its coming up pretty soon, might want to get into it with these guys. its pretty fun and you get to play with lots of different people :)

anyways, the website is

sign up next time, have some fun playing through the game and they'll donate like $5-10 to charity if you beat the game

haha, just read the article and they mention it in there also

HarvesterOSarow2267d ago

I played V when I was a kid. I enjoyed IV and VI both much, much more, but I did enjoy the job class system in V. There are two usual ways that FF does jobs, in that they either "declare" a character a certain class, or they allow you to choose. I personally think that when they declare my characters class I enjoy it more for the most part. As in IV Rydia is a summoner, Rosa a white mage, and Kain a Dragoon, plain and simple. I think that strengthens some of the writing and makes those characters much more impacting on the story.

I did like the legendary weapons in V though, probably my favorite part. And the bridge battle and Gilgamesh.

Also, the kid that spoils key plot elements for VI and VII in the source article is such a douche...