Why Dubai Is the Perfect Video Game Playground

Kotaku - Looking at a random aerial shot of Dubai might lead you to think you're looking at a future New York. Or London. Or Hong Kong. But this place actually exists, newer than those places and more remote, too. The hyperreal city sits on the edge of the Arabian Desert, boasting skyscrapers and man-made islands unlike those found anywhere else. And, soon, if 2K Games and Yager Development get their way, it'll be the next memorable video game locale, the place where thousands of players will shoot their way through a story of what happens when society's rules crumble in a land of excess.

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NewMonday2327d ago

remember going their 10 years ago, was very cheap to stay in 5 star luxury hotels, before all these skyscrapers, now its back to looking for bargains

Solid_Snake372327d ago

dont know about you guys, but Dubai would make a good Just Cause game

Animals_as_Leaders2327d ago (Edited 2327d ago )

Yeah man. You could do all sorts of outrageous stuff like drink alcohol and have sex with your gf while not married like you can in every other country on the god damn planet without being sentenced to death.

F dubai.

I think as a general rule you should never go to a country with no extradition treaty.

LightofDarkness2327d ago (Edited 2327d ago )

To be fair, they generally just deport you if you breach any laws like that.

But it's perfectly OK to drink there. I did it every weekend. There's a huge number of places to do it, too. Irish pubs everywhere. In fact, there are Friday brunches, where you pay about €40 and it's all you can drink and eat. There's a huge night-life in Dubai, fuelled almost entirely by alcohol :p

The place is far from saintly, however, but in general you'll get away with a lot if you're a white expat. Everyone cohabitates there, married or not. If the police started breaking down doors and deporting all the "illegal" cohabitation offenders, there'd be no one left.

You just have to be sensible. Don't go crazy with PDAs (public displays of affection) anywhere outside, or where there are people wearing hijabs/dish-dashes.

I lived there for a year and had more sex there than at any other place or time in my life :P I also probably drank more.

The country's REAL big problem is racism and segregation (Asians/Africans may not earn as much as whites or Emirati). Plus, it has the veneer of a first world country, but peer behind the skyscrapers on either side of the Sheikh Zayed Rd. and you'll find slums and the third world reality of it.

Plus, the sexism is hilariously offensive.

xX-Jak-Xx2327d ago

get out from my country
u drunks !!!

josephayal2327d ago

I Thing USA is way better imo