Jessica Chobot Should Never Have Agreed to be in Mass Effect 3

News broke the early this week that G4TV presenter, and host of IGN's "The Weekly 'Wood & Strategize", Jessica Chobot will be a fully voiced character in Bioware's upcoming Mass Effect 3.

This is a major conflict of interest.

Chobot previewed the game as a journalist for G4TV, and now it is revealed she has a business relationship with the developer for almost a year.

The issue here is not that Chobot may have a bias towards BioWare (even though in a blog post she states that BioWare is "a company that I insanely admire").

The problem, is now we cannot trust her coverage of Mass Effect 3 (and any other game) to be objective.

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Jdoki2303d ago

Very few (if any) journalist is going to be 100% objective. Just because Chobot is voicing a character means little. Journalists are given freebies and incentives all the time (not to mention the various scandals we've had with publishers threatening advertising revenue for reviews scores).

I would only be concerned if Chobot did the final review for ME3 for IGN.

Video game journalism has been broken for years

ojkelly2303d ago

You're absolutely right. It has been broken for years.

If you sit by passively it will stay broken, but it doesn't have to.

Just because a large group are accepting freebies and incentives (ie being bought), does not make it right.

Jdoki2303d ago

Absolutely agree with you.

But what's the options? I already stopped visiting sites that I consider show bad journalism practises.

99% of gaming websites report in a way that makes Fox News look like a well balanced organisation full of journalistic integrity

PamPoovey2302d ago

It dosen't make a difference if she's reviewing the game or not, anyone at IGN will give it a good score because she was in it and because she's a part of the IGN team

It's free publicity in a way, people see Chobot and think of's like advertising. Bioware wouldn't just walk away empty handed, they've probably agreed to something like IGN might give it a perfect score or maybe they will praise the co-op a ton when in reality it might be rubbish.

la_Rapiere2303d ago

Jessica Chobot has always done a good job reviewing products, and I respect her comments more than I ever would the original author of this article (who comes across as someone who Jessica rejected on a date, to be honest). She's funny, she's intelligent, and I believe she is professional enough to distance the two parts of her career. Why the hate?!?

ojkelly2303d ago

I've never personally met her, and I agree she probably can keep the two parts of her career apart.

It's not hate, rather frustration that we still accept this as okay in the industry.

Plain and simple it's a conflict of interest. Something which has come to have grave implications for journalists over the 400+ years of the profession.

If people cannot be sure you're not being paid off, then you cannot be fully trusted. If you reach that point you're nothing more than a PR mouthpiece.

BX812302d ago

Jesus Christ it's just a game. Every kid playing video games would like to be featured in a game. So when you get older of course you're not going to pass up the op. Hell 50cent has his own game. Who cares if she's biased toward a video game? You sound like someone who considers MLG a proffesion. It's video games. No one who covers video games is ever going to be looked at as the master of journalism. I'm not knocking the people who do it to pay bills because somebody has to do it but let's not act like it's something more than it is.

LOGICWINS2302d ago

LOL, whether Chobot thinks Mass Effect 3 is a 5/10 or a 10/10...who the hell cares? I doubt anyone here was going to base their purchase on Chobot's opinion before it was announced that she was in the game. Why the sudden concern about her opinion now?


Outside_ofthe_Box2302d ago (Edited 2302d ago )

This is exactly what I'm talking. Just trying to start **** with a wise guy comment.

This article wouldn't have existed had she not been in the game. Thus, people wouldn't be able to express their 'sudden concern' about her opinion and you wouldn't be making this ridiculous comment about people expressing their concern.

Even looking past that, why do you ASSUME that he/she cares about Chobot's opinion?

And don't even say "because he clicked on the article" since, last time I checked, you did too and apparently you don't care her opinion as well.

nevin12302d ago

I wonder how much she was paid. I hear video game voice acting pays good.

MGRogue20172302d ago (Edited 2302d ago )

I feel that Andrea Rene should have been put into the game, not Jessica Chobot.

Not only is she gorgeous.. but I feel as though she needs to be put into the spotlight now. Jess is way too mainstream & hogs all the attention.

I like 'em both, really.. but between the two, I like Andrea the most as she's more of a gamer & actually knows ALOT about gaming. :)

Smashbro292302d ago

How about NONE of these glorified camwhores make it into the game? What if they made it... With NO tie in? The first 2 games were fine without them.

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