NowGamer - SSX Producer Talks Ridernet, Wagers, Need For Speed, DLC & PS Vita

NowGamer - SSX is finally gearing up for release, so we catch up with the producer of EA's latest iteration of the popular snowboarding game. Todd Batty lets us know all about SSX, its relation to Burnout and Need For Speed and all those multiplayer features.

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hotrider122208d ago

Hope criterion dont mix burnout with NFS again (HOTPURSUIT)

jujubee882208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

Cliff Bleszinski - Check!

Ken Levine - Check!

Hideo Kojima - Check!

RE producer - Check!

Todd Batty - Double check!!

Why would (certain) gamers not like the PS Vita when the people that make the games they like, all like the PS Vita? WHERE IS THE DISCONNECT?