Oklahoma politician wants to tax violent video games

According to an Oklahoma politician, video games help cause many problems affecting the youth of today, but they can also help solve those same problems.

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CrimsonEngage2303d ago

Games are $59.99. Add the tax and they are $65 here in the states.

I'm not paying for a $70 game. Go fuck yourself.

zeal0us2303d ago

Making ppl pay more isn't going to solve a d*mn thing.
It would be like putting a higher jail sentence on the selling of illegal drugs. A higher sentence isn't going to stop the drug dealers.

dotarray2303d ago

Actually, adding a 1% tax would make the game $60.60 or so, if it's $59.99 to start with.

Don't know what you're complaining about, console games in Australia are $90 on average, up to $120+ for collectors' editions :)