PS3 sales reach 62 million; Sony posts $2 billion loss for Q3 FY 2011

GB : Sony has announced its quarter 3 results and it is terrible. The 360 outsold the PS3 by 0.8 million this quarter and the company posted a massive loss.

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Cocozero2391d ago

Great numbers considering the price cut. However this does confirm that the 360 is ahead WW as it outsold the Ps3 by nearly 2ml units this year.

Karooo2391d ago

It outsold the PS3 by 0.8 million. Yes it's 4 million ahead.

It doesnt matter now though.

Cocozero2391d ago

For this quarter its 8.2 (360) - 6.5(PS3) which makes 1.7 not 0.8

Abash2391d ago

Microsoft made it seem like they slaughtered the PS3 in sales when they're actually pretty close. 4 million difference isnt bad at all

Shang-Long2391d ago

doesn't sony have one more qtr to report For their year? buti think what hurt the ps3 the most was the psn hack n other problems in japan.

i know most ppl hate on the ps3 but its the best system ive own and have not regretted my 399+ tax purchase in 08

jaosobno2391d ago

Never let a white man lead an asian company. See what happens?

Stringer took over in 2005. and since then it's been downhill for Sony.

Let's hope Hirai takes Sony away from this ruinous path.

gaffyh2391d ago

Still one more quarter to report yet, which will probably see around 2 million sales. Still 14 million in the year is not too shabby.

SolidStoner2391d ago

I think Xbox sold 0.8 more just becosue it breaks more, so dumb people buy it again :D

inveni02391d ago

Is this Sony that posted the loss or SCE (or whatever it's called now)? Sony is actually made up of a dozen (or so) little companies, each with its own budget, income and expenses. If you ask me, the PS3 can't possibly be losing $2 billion dollars. That would mean that selling 6.5 million PS3s in a quarter costs Sony $305 per PS3. That's double the cost they're charging consumers. There's just no way that the PS3 still costs $600 to make. So these loses are primarily coming from somewhere else within the family of companies.

Brosy2391d ago

I wonder if sony will start charging for PSN next gen. I say it's likely if they get PSN on the same level as Live. But who really knows, there might not be a next-gen for Sony. Let's hope not.

sikbeta2391d ago

Damn you people, Ballmer said it @ CES, X360 was the best selling console in 2011, enough said


Holy F**** S***! Dump your s*** TV division that sink s**** of money already, stop making s*** devices no one gives a f**** about, concentrate in the good stuff damn it!

Getowned2391d ago

Who cares about what sold more then what.I only came here to read all of the idiotic comments..and it's not as entertaining as I thought it would have been.

XboxInnovation2391d ago

4 million more by Microsoft is not a lot but it's eye opening when last gen Sony sold 150 million consoles and Microsoft sold 25 million.

Darkfocus2391d ago

Vita R&D and the fact it's selling at a loss contributed to the 2 billion loss did it not?

badz1492391d ago

was contributed by the slide in their TV sales. PS3 is not in the red it seems

Legion2391d ago


Likely that the loss is not directly associated with PS3 as many other Sony products are falling on hard times.

But your assumption that cost is directly related to how much it costs to make a product is faulty. As many other factors go into the product... not just production costs. You have overhead, marketing, distribution, etc. that goes into making of the PS3.

More often then not the company does not rely as much on making profit on the console as it does on the generation of sales to software on their product. Though a company looks to keep their overhead low it knows that it is the software sales and add-ons that bring the most finance generation to their company.

Gaming1012390d ago

How exactly does anyone know which division of Sony it is that posted the loss? Does this include all divisions? In which case, their TV division and other electronics divisions have been posting losses as well if you follow their financial reports, so I wouldn't exactly blame this on their games division.

Gaming1012390d ago

How exactly does anyone know which division of Sony it is that posted the loss? Does this include all divisions? In which case, their TV division and other electronics divisions have been posting losses as well if you follow their financial reports, so I wouldn't exactly be quick to blame this on their games division.

Consoldtobots2390d ago

yayyyyyyy for the salesbox 360, can't wait to play call of sales, sale battle 3,
sale-o,sales of war and all the other great first party sales based exclusives.

they are sooooooo much fun to play.....

inveni02390d ago

That's exactly my point, though. Do you really think that they spend $600 building and marketing EACH individual PS3? Of course you don't (I'm assuming you're an intelligent person). When I mention what it costs to build and sell a PS3, I don't mean just buying all of the innards on NewEgg and assembling them for free. I mean the cost to design, construct and put the product into the hands of the consumer.

If it WAS Sony's Playstation division losing all of this money, then it would definitely come from software sales, where Sony churns out amazing exclusives after several years of development, only to have what are considered my the Halo and CoD fan base to be lackluster sales. But the loss certainly doesn't come from the sale of PS3 hardware.

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gamingdroid2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

So I guess it is now official....

You can't argue with numbers directly from first hand sources, MS and Sony.

Shang-Long2391d ago

whats offical? what r u saying?

Vega752391d ago

yeah MS outsold sony even without all the exclusive people been crying about. just wait when MS drops the price on the 360 this year the gap will grow more in favor of the 360 over the ps3.

Dlacy13g2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

@gamingdroid... well this is N4G. So you could hand someone a black pen and they would tell you its Red if it had the wrong company logo on it.

So, no I suspect this thread will be fueled by people arguing the numbers.

Heck just above your post I have already seen the "number" difference be quoted as nearly 2 million, .8 million, 1.7 million and my favorite .4 million. Fuzzy math seems rampant in the comments today.

insomnium22391d ago

@ vega + droid

What is there in for you both if MS releases no core games but gets teh salez from the casual crowd anyhow? Do you enjoy not having as many exclusive core games or what is it?

I could swear I saw both of you laughing at sony in 2005-2008 about PS3 not having any games. Amirite or do I need to check that out?

Are you people really saying that less games is great as long as teh zales stay up? Do all those wonderfull Sony exclusives dissapear after you saw Sony posting red figures as a whole? My god some of you truly seem idiotic at times.

Nes_Daze2391d ago

it's official that you're a biased fanboy. Smart people will buy both consoles and not pay so much attention to sales, I personally haven't bought an xbox yet only because I've been told that they tend to break after a year or so. Not to mention the major userbase consists of Modern warfare fans and sports fanatics. I'm sure I would enjoy it though just as much as my PS3.

gamingdroid2391d ago


***What is there in for you both if MS releases no core games but gets teh salez from the casual crowd anyhow?***

Why is this even relevant?

That said, larger user base results in better support... we saw that in the PS2 era.

***Do you enjoy not having as many exclusive core games or what is it?***

I have no issues with finding "core" games regardless of it being exclusive or not. In fact, I also play a lot of casual games and also enjoy a lot of other forms of entertainment.

MS delivers the entertainment I want and I leave at that. If I don't find it there, I'm sure I can find some on my PC, Wii or PS3.

***Are you people really saying that less games is great as long as teh zales stay up?***

Nope, that is you putting words in my mouth. That said, we are in an article about sales, so sales are discussed....

***Do all those wonderfull Sony exclusives dissapear after you saw Sony posting red figures as a whole?***

Sony has had like 5 straight years of losses, this will be their 6th so nothing has changed in half a decade... but what does that have to do with "exclusives"?

I fail to see your response being relevant to anything I said....

***My god some of you truly seem idiotic at times.***


JellyJelly2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

"You can't argue with numbers directly from first hand sources."

On N4G people make up their own truths i.e Sony always win.

PetitPiPi2391d ago

Gamingdroid is owning the usual teenage girls on this site.

@ Gloomy.

U mad? How exactly is gamingdroid a fanboy? He owns 360-PS3-Wii-PC. How many gaming systems do you own? Less then gamingdroid obviously. On top of it you say "smart people will buy both consoles" yet you only own one of them. Are you telling us your a dumb ass? I think so. ;)

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mynd2391d ago

Anybody else notice Sony are now forcasting 14 million not 15 million for the fiscal year?

Legion2391d ago

Often times companies will reassess their forecast later in the FY. Sometimes increasing, sometimes decreasing sales based on what current market is doing. Only logical to change your forecast when new figures come in.

kreate2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

What the article fails to mention.

"Due to the launch of a new model, approximately 6.5 million units of PlayStation 3 ... hardware were sold in the current quarter, compared to approximately 4.5 million units in the prior year's third quarter," reports Sony's Q3 earnings report.

So sales went up from 4.5m to 6.5m. Sales went up, not down. This article fails.


mynd2391d ago

They sold 6.3 million units last year not 4.5 million.
Why are you quoting an article from Feb 2010.
2 years ago?

Look at all the agrees you have ROFL.

kreate2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

oh my bad.

"According to the earnings report released today, 6.5 million PlayStation 3 units were sold in the publisher's third quarter, an increase of 2.8 million units on the previous quarter,and an increase of 200,000 units"

an increase in sales from previous quarter and the previous year.

although to satisfy the xbox fanboys. sony did lose money even though ps3 sales went up. mostly due to sony ericson and other departments.

i would expect continous decline in revenue for sony due to competitive hardware market but sony's gaming division does bring in money. and we're talking about games here u know.

happy now?

EDIT: also ps2/psp sales are way down... but this is expected but still good considering the original xbox became extinct like ... 7-8 years ago?

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superadvanced2391d ago

lol the extra 4 million could easily be people buying it again because of RROD

Dlacy13g2391d ago

Does it matter? Its still 4 million in consoles sold regardless of reason.

superadvanced2391d ago

yeah that means the actual install base is less

Legion2391d ago

And if that was the case then attach rate of games is blowing PS3 out of the water. Which is it?

Is there a bunch of consoles being re-bought and with less actual consoles on the market thus the attach rate is higher or is MS actually selling consoles and the attach rate is thus more equal with PS3?

Can't have it both ways. Or can you?

ZippyZapper2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

66 360 (Dec) It's Feb now
62 PS3

Wasn't the PS3 supposed to pass the 360 by now?

PLAYWATCH2391d ago

are you stupid? you don't know how to read simple charts? 62 PS3 is also by end of December.

So many stupid people on this site.

Parapraxis2391d ago

learn what fiscal years and 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th quarters are Zapped.

SephirothX212391d ago

My preferable console is the PS3 but PS3 fanboys need to admit that the 360 has sold more worldwide than the PS3. These figures don't lie. Don't put it down to the rrod or the PSN hacks. The rrod issue was resolved with the slim. Be objective and not biased towards one console. Sony have not done well business wise this gen and MS are beating them in that regard so far. The PS3 is the better console imo but clearly more people want a 360 for whatever reason.

gypsygib2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

I prefer my PS3 mainly because MS nickels and dimes too hard but I agree, MS are the better business people.

Also, I feel Sony needs to focus more on fewer things, they try and compete with everything while companies more focused on fewer devices do it better.

PS3s OS is still very slow compared to 360s, too many multiplats still perform worse or have problems (Skyrim framerate, BF3 controller lag and voice chat) and messaging while playing online involves way too many steps.

MS beat Sony this gen because MS led where it counted: online, software functionality and PR, while sony is still playing catch up (It's best exclusive MGS4 doesn't even have trophies and too many exclusives die in the water). I'm still unsure why we have Home but not voice chat, or faster messaging.

Kutaragi really made things hard for Sony developing PS3 the way he did.

sirdrake2391d ago

Maybe i am just dumb, but we are comparing overall says from launch to now for both consoles right?

If that is the case, ( i know this has been said before) the 360 did come out a year before the ps3. Which would mean that it SHOULD have sold more consoles in its life span, because there was an extra 4 quarters of sales posted.

It is good for the xbox to outsell the ps3 this year, it definitely had a good one,but i cant help but think we are beating a dead horse when comparing over sales figures where the products have a different life span.

If the products are only what 3 or 4mil apart and the 360 has a longer life span, i would say the ps3 is doing a good many units did the xbox sell in its first year? a lot i am assuming, which would account for their 4mil lead now.

Hicken2391d ago

I hate to say it, but certain people around don't want to hear things like that.

It's bad enough that they're trumpeting sales like they can stick em in their system and play them. But they also "conveniently" forget important little facts like how the PS3 is down by however many millions while still being behind by one year.

Instead of comparing the PS3's current total to the 360's current total, it should be compared to the 360's total last year. I'll bet the 360 wasn't sitting on 62 million last year(after all, that'd mean they only sold four million this year, right). Maybe it's just me, but I think market life should be taken into account, if we're gonna be talking sales.

And honestly, why haven't these sales translated into more games or something? Surely it doesn't eat up ALL those profits making new dashboards each year.

Aloren2391d ago

Well, people compared PS2 to xbox even though the PS2 had an 18 months headstart, so it's nothing new.

Afaik, MS sold about 6 million 360 in the first year, so it's not too bad to still be ahead by 4 million. I mean, PS3 was supposed to "take over" by the end of 2007,and people said it would "take over by the end of the year" every year since then... Honestly, who thought back in november 2005 that there would still be more 360s than PS3 in 2012 ? Noone, probably not even MS.

To be Honest, I think the turning point of this gen was the multiplat release of GTA4.

kikizoo2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

Gamingbolt = LOL

pathetic fanboyz liars, like all the desperated ones here, happy because the yen is powerfull (not good for sony, but not really for the gaming division !) and happy because their inferior hardware (with no exclusives) sold (perhaps) a little more, because of us dumb gamers only (with millions $ for marketing, viral propaganda, etc)

it's the worst generation of brainless fanboyz we have ever seen, i can't paste all the stupid analysis (gamingbolt has done a good jog to satisfy their dumb fanboyz with bad explanations), but this, it's too much, i can't imagine they are bleivieng all the lies they are writting :

"If PS3 exclusives matter on sales, why doesn't the PS3 and their exclusives sell better? Uncharted 3 shipped 3.8 million and sold... 700K."

uncharted already sold more than 3,5 m, and it's on vgchartz (always undertracking sony's things), so stfu misinformed liar.

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Bundi2391d ago ShowReplies(2)
k-dillinger2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

well theres something really wrong with micros numbers put it like this ps3 has been outselling xbox every year since launch and the gap getting smaller so you guys really believe they have out sold ps3 this year? that is next to impossible due to xbox only selling good in the U.S there's no way that will put them over ps3 when ps3 outsells it everywhere else in the world it hasn't happened yet and guess what it hasn't now they haven't outsold ps3 this year at all that's highly unlikely how your even believing that is a total mystery to me im guessing true numbers to date is more like 65 milli as of feb 2. which is more likely since those numbers are from dec which means ps3 still outsold xbox again for what like the 5th year str8.

s/n i buy a gaming console to play GAMES not for social networking but to play games but i think that mixed with the lack of games this will be its downfall focusing on the social ability then about making games and putting all their energy into America the most unloyal market of the three and if they so much as slip in the U.S its game over ww peace.

gotgame19852391d ago

how are you going to say america is unloyal when Xbox 360 is american console and dominates the american market? bump that the 360 is a world wide console, Americans and some people in Europe are the only one to see that it offers just as much if not more then ps3. The Japanese just won't try to give it a chance at least Americans consider the ps3.

And I know the xbox 360 is made in china, but the brand is owned by Microsoft in american company.

MySwordIsHeavenly2391d ago

Toyota makes better cars though. Who can blame us for buying them?

Also, Toyota's are made in America. I just thought you should know that. ;)

mynd2391d ago

K-dillinger, keep telling yourself that, but the fiscal show about .8 million more Xbox's sold last year.

2391d ago
Shubhankar2391d ago

Despite being last in terms of sales, the PS3 is still performing very, VERY strongly, and no one can really call it a failure and say that it didn't do well. In fact, it's got the best library this generation, and definitely deserves all the success it is getting, if not more.

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PimpDaddy2391d ago

I think what timotim is trying to say is that Sony lost money on the PS3 as a whole. No matter how much the games division has profited the last 2 years it will never make up for the 5 Billion plus in losses the first 3 years. Then you factor in the money PSN lost due to being hacked and shut down and the 50 dollar price drop this past year and I think you can make the argument that the PS3 is not a successful product from a financial point of view.

The one thing the PS3 did accomplish though was Blu-Ray beating HD-DVD. Can't argue that one...

CarlitoBrigante2391d ago

"it will never make up for the losses" Stop being a fanboy. Ignored.

Zechs342391d ago

Use a calculator... It'll help prove you wrong in private.

tiffac0082391d ago

I tried to reply on the $50 price cut on the other article but N4G crapped out on me. Remember the Gamasutra links you posted as a reply to me. It clearly states lowered revenue due to the price cut, Sony did not lose money when they did the cut but since the profit of the Playstation division is lower, it affected the entire consumer electronic division's return and made the loses from that division much more higher.

As you said the past 2 years Sony has been making a profit of their Playstation brand and that is probably the only consumer electronic brand they're profiting in, right now. Its probably true they will never recoup the loses sustained by the PS3 in its early life cycle as well.

Their Bravia TV is drowning in red, we all know the Xperia brand isn't clicking, their Cybershot cameras, Walkman mp3 players and VAIO laptops are all down. There is a reason Sony put all this in one division, so the Playstation profit will mask how poorly the freaking rest of the division are really doing.

NBT912391d ago

I dont think even the PS3 had much of a say in Blu ray beating HD-DVD, I mean I am not saying it had nothing to do with it, but other companis making blu ray players, and blu ray in laptops etc probably had more of a say in standardising blu ray as the default HD medium.

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