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Submitted by Karooo 1396d ago | news

PS3 sales reach 62 million; Sony posts $2 billion loss for Q3 FY 2011

GB : Sony has announced its quarter 3 results and it is terrible. The 360 outsold the PS3 by 0.8 million this quarter and the company posted a massive loss. (Industry, PS Vita, PS3, PSP, Sony)

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Cocozero  +   1396d ago
Great numbers considering the price cut. However this does confirm that the 360 is ahead WW as it outsold the Ps3 by nearly 2ml units this year.
Karooo  +   1396d ago
It outsold the PS3 by 0.8 million. Yes it's 4 million ahead.

It doesnt matter now though.
Cocozero  +   1396d ago
For this quarter its 8.2 (360) - 6.5(PS3) which makes 1.7 not 0.8
Abash  +   1396d ago
Microsoft made it seem like they slaughtered the PS3 in sales when they're actually pretty close. 4 million difference isnt bad at all
Shang-Long  +   1396d ago
doesn't sony have one more qtr to report For their year? buti think what hurt the ps3 the most was the psn hack n other problems in japan.

i know most ppl hate on the ps3 but its the best system ive own and have not regretted my 399+ tax purchase in 08
jaosobno  +   1396d ago
Never let a white man lead an asian company. See what happens?

Stringer took over in 2005. and since then it's been downhill for Sony.

Let's hope Hirai takes Sony away from this ruinous path.
gaffyh  +   1396d ago
Still one more quarter to report yet, which will probably see around 2 million sales. Still 14 million in the year is not too shabby.
SolidStoner  +   1396d ago
I think Xbox sold 0.8 more just becosue it breaks more, so dumb people buy it again :D
inveni0  +   1396d ago
Is this Sony that posted the loss or SCE (or whatever it's called now)? Sony is actually made up of a dozen (or so) little companies, each with its own budget, income and expenses. If you ask me, the PS3 can't possibly be losing $2 billion dollars. That would mean that selling 6.5 million PS3s in a quarter costs Sony $305 per PS3. That's double the cost they're charging consumers. There's just no way that the PS3 still costs $600 to make. So these loses are primarily coming from somewhere else within the family of companies.
Brosy  +   1395d ago
I wonder if sony will start charging for PSN next gen. I say it's likely if they get PSN on the same level as Live. But who really knows, there might not be a next-gen for Sony. Let's hope not.
sikbeta  +   1395d ago
Damn you people, Ballmer said it @ CES, X360 was the best selling console in 2011, enough said


Holy F**** S***! Dump your s*** TV division that sink s**** of money already, stop making s*** devices no one gives a f**** about, concentrate in the good stuff damn it!
Getowned  +   1395d ago
Who cares about what sold more then what.I only came here to read all of the idiotic comments..and it's not as entertaining as I thought it would have been.

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momthemeatloaf  +   1395d ago
4 million more by Microsoft is not a lot but it's eye opening when last gen Sony sold 150 million consoles and Microsoft sold 25 million.
Darkfocus  +   1395d ago
Vita R&D and the fact it's selling at a loss contributed to the 2 billion loss did it not?
badz149  +   1395d ago
most of the loss
was contributed by the slide in their TV sales. PS3 is not in the red it seems
Legion  +   1395d ago

Likely that the loss is not directly associated with PS3 as many other Sony products are falling on hard times.

But your assumption that cost is directly related to how much it costs to make a product is faulty. As many other factors go into the product... not just production costs. You have overhead, marketing, distribution, etc. that goes into making of the PS3.

More often then not the company does not rely as much on making profit on the console as it does on the generation of sales to software on their product. Though a company looks to keep their overhead low it knows that it is the software sales and add-ons that bring the most finance generation to their company.
Gaming101  +   1395d ago
How exactly does anyone know which division of Sony it is that posted the loss? Does this include all divisions? In which case, their TV division and other electronics divisions have been posting losses as well if you follow their financial reports, so I wouldn't exactly blame this on their games division.
Gaming101  +   1395d ago
How exactly does anyone know which division of Sony it is that posted the loss? Does this include all divisions? In which case, their TV division and other electronics divisions have been posting losses as well if you follow their financial reports, so I wouldn't exactly be quick to blame this on their games division.
Consoldtobots  +   1395d ago
yayyyyyyy for the salesbox 360, can't wait to play call of sales, sale battle 3,
sale-o,sales of war and all the other great first party sales based exclusives.

they are sooooooo much fun to play.....
inveni0  +   1395d ago
That's exactly my point, though. Do you really think that they spend $600 building and marketing EACH individual PS3? Of course you don't (I'm assuming you're an intelligent person). When I mention what it costs to build and sell a PS3, I don't mean just buying all of the innards on NewEgg and assembling them for free. I mean the cost to design, construct and put the product into the hands of the consumer.

If it WAS Sony's Playstation division losing all of this money, then it would definitely come from software sales, where Sony churns out amazing exclusives after several years of development, only to have what are considered my the Halo and CoD fan base to be lackluster sales. But the loss certainly doesn't come from the sale of PS3 hardware.
gamingdroid  +   1396d ago
So I guess it is now official....

You can't argue with numbers directly from first hand sources, MS and Sony.
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Shang-Long  +   1396d ago
whats offical? what r u saying?
Vega75  +   1396d ago | Well said
@ gamingdroid
yeah MS outsold sony even without all the exclusive people been crying about. just wait when MS drops the price on the 360 this year the gap will grow more in favor of the 360 over the ps3.
Dlacy13g  +   1395d ago
@gamingdroid... well this is N4G. So you could hand someone a black pen and they would tell you its Red if it had the wrong company logo on it.

So, no I suspect this thread will be fueled by people arguing the numbers.

Heck just above your post I have already seen the "number" difference be quoted as nearly 2 million, .8 million, 1.7 million and my favorite .4 million. Fuzzy math seems rampant in the comments today.
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insomnium2  +   1395d ago
@ vega + droid

What is there in for you both if MS releases no core games but gets teh salez from the casual crowd anyhow? Do you enjoy not having as many exclusive core games or what is it?

I could swear I saw both of you laughing at sony in 2005-2008 about PS3 not having any games. Amirite or do I need to check that out?

Are you people really saying that less games is great as long as teh zales stay up? Do all those wonderfull Sony exclusives dissapear after you saw Sony posting red figures as a whole? My god some of you truly seem idiotic at times.
Nes_Daze  +   1395d ago
it's official that you're a biased fanboy. Smart people will buy both consoles and not pay so much attention to sales, I personally haven't bought an xbox yet only because I've been told that they tend to break after a year or so. Not to mention the major userbase consists of Modern warfare fans and sports fanatics. I'm sure I would enjoy it though just as much as my PS3.
gamingdroid  +   1395d ago

***What is there in for you both if MS releases no core games but gets teh salez from the casual crowd anyhow?***

Why is this even relevant?

That said, larger user base results in better support... we saw that in the PS2 era.

***Do you enjoy not having as many exclusive core games or what is it?***

I have no issues with finding "core" games regardless of it being exclusive or not. In fact, I also play a lot of casual games and also enjoy a lot of other forms of entertainment.

MS delivers the entertainment I want and I leave at that. If I don't find it there, I'm sure I can find some on my PC, Wii or PS3.

***Are you people really saying that less games is great as long as teh zales stay up?***

Nope, that is you putting words in my mouth. That said, we are in an article about sales, so sales are discussed....

***Do all those wonderfull Sony exclusives dissapear after you saw Sony posting red figures as a whole?***

Sony has had like 5 straight years of losses, this will be their 6th so nothing has changed in half a decade... but what does that have to do with "exclusives"?

I fail to see your response being relevant to anything I said....

***My god some of you truly seem idiotic at times.***

JellyJelly  +   1395d ago
"You can't argue with numbers directly from first hand sources."

On N4G people make up their own truths i.e Sony always win.
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PetitPiPi  +   1395d ago
Gamingdroid is owning the usual teenage girls on this site.

@ Gloomy.

U mad? How exactly is gamingdroid a fanboy? He owns 360-PS3-Wii-PC. How many gaming systems do you own? Less then gamingdroid obviously. On top of it you say "smart people will buy both consoles" yet you only own one of them. Are you telling us your a dumb ass? I think so. ;)
mynd  +   1396d ago
Anybody else notice Sony are now forcasting 14 million not 15 million for the fiscal year?
Legion  +   1395d ago
Often times companies will reassess their forecast later in the FY. Sometimes increasing, sometimes decreasing sales based on what current market is doing. Only logical to change your forecast when new figures come in.
kreate  +   1396d ago
What the article fails to mention.

"Due to the launch of a new model, approximately 6.5 million units of PlayStation 3 ... hardware were sold in the current quarter, compared to approximately 4.5 million units in the prior year's third quarter," reports Sony's Q3 earnings report.

So sales went up from 4.5m to 6.5m. Sales went up, not down. This article fails.

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mynd  +   1396d ago | Well said
They sold 6.3 million units last year not 4.5 million.
Why are you quoting an article from Feb 2010.
2 years ago?

Look at all the agrees you have ROFL.
kreate  +   1396d ago
oh my bad.

"According to the earnings report released today, 6.5 million PlayStation 3 units were sold in the publisher's third quarter, an increase of 2.8 million units on the previous quarter,and an increase of 200,000 units"

an increase in sales from previous quarter and the previous year.

although to satisfy the xbox fanboys. sony did lose money even though ps3 sales went up. mostly due to sony ericson and other departments.

i would expect continous decline in revenue for sony due to competitive hardware market but sony's gaming division does bring in money. and we're talking about games here u know.

happy now?

EDIT: also ps2/psp sales are way down... but this is expected but still good considering the original xbox became extinct like ... 7-8 years ago?
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Anon1974   1396d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(5)
superadvanced  +   1396d ago
lol the extra 4 million could easily be people buying it again because of RROD
Dlacy13g  +   1395d ago
Does it matter? Its still 4 million in consoles sold regardless of reason.
superadvanced  +   1395d ago
yeah that means the actual install base is less
Legion  +   1395d ago
And if that was the case then attach rate of games is blowing PS3 out of the water. Which is it?

Is there a bunch of consoles being re-bought and with less actual consoles on the market thus the attach rate is higher or is MS actually selling consoles and the attach rate is thus more equal with PS3?

Can't have it both ways. Or can you?
ZippyZapper  +   1395d ago
66 360 (Dec) It's Feb now
62 PS3

Wasn't the PS3 supposed to pass the 360 by now?
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PLAYWATCH  +   1395d ago
are you stupid? you don't know how to read simple charts? 62 PS3 is also by end of December.

So many stupid people on this site.
Parapraxis  +   1395d ago
learn what fiscal years and 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th quarters are Zapped.
SephirothX21  +   1395d ago
My preferable console is the PS3 but PS3 fanboys need to admit that the 360 has sold more worldwide than the PS3. These figures don't lie. Don't put it down to the rrod or the PSN hacks. The rrod issue was resolved with the slim. Be objective and not biased towards one console. Sony have not done well business wise this gen and MS are beating them in that regard so far. The PS3 is the better console imo but clearly more people want a 360 for whatever reason.
gypsygib  +   1395d ago
I prefer my PS3 mainly because MS nickels and dimes too hard but I agree, MS are the better business people.

Also, I feel Sony needs to focus more on fewer things, they try and compete with everything while companies more focused on fewer devices do it better.

PS3s OS is still very slow compared to 360s, too many multiplats still perform worse or have problems (Skyrim framerate, BF3 controller lag and voice chat) and messaging while playing online involves way too many steps.

MS beat Sony this gen because MS led where it counted: online, software functionality and PR, while sony is still playing catch up (It's best exclusive MGS4 doesn't even have trophies and too many exclusives die in the water). I'm still unsure why we have Home but not voice chat, or faster messaging.

Kutaragi really made things hard for Sony developing PS3 the way he did.
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sirdrake  +   1395d ago
Maybe i am just dumb, but we are comparing overall says from launch to now for both consoles right?

If that is the case, ( i know this has been said before) the 360 did come out a year before the ps3. Which would mean that it SHOULD have sold more consoles in its life span, because there was an extra 4 quarters of sales posted.

It is good for the xbox to outsell the ps3 this year, it definitely had a good one,but i cant help but think we are beating a dead horse when comparing over sales figures where the products have a different life span.

If the products are only what 3 or 4mil apart and the 360 has a longer life span, i would say the ps3 is doing a good many units did the xbox sell in its first year? a lot i am assuming, which would account for their 4mil lead now.
Hicken  +   1395d ago
I hate to say it, but certain people around don't want to hear things like that.

It's bad enough that they're trumpeting sales like they can stick em in their system and play them. But they also "conveniently" forget important little facts like how the PS3 is down by however many millions while still being behind by one year.

Instead of comparing the PS3's current total to the 360's current total, it should be compared to the 360's total last year. I'll bet the 360 wasn't sitting on 62 million last year(after all, that'd mean they only sold four million this year, right). Maybe it's just me, but I think market life should be taken into account, if we're gonna be talking sales.

And honestly, why haven't these sales translated into more games or something? Surely it doesn't eat up ALL those profits making new dashboards each year.
Aloren  +   1395d ago
Well, people compared PS2 to xbox even though the PS2 had an 18 months headstart, so it's nothing new.

Afaik, MS sold about 6 million 360 in the first year, so it's not too bad to still be ahead by 4 million. I mean, PS3 was supposed to "take over" by the end of 2007,and people said it would "take over by the end of the year" every year since then... Honestly, who thought back in november 2005 that there would still be more 360s than PS3 in 2012 ? Noone, probably not even MS.

To be Honest, I think the turning point of this gen was the multiplat release of GTA4.
kikizoo  +   1395d ago
Gamingbolt = LOL

pathetic fanboyz liars, like all the desperated ones here, happy because the yen is powerfull (not good for sony, but not really for the gaming division !) and happy because their inferior hardware (with no exclusives) sold (perhaps) a little more, because of us dumb gamers only (with millions $ for marketing, viral propaganda, etc)

it's the worst generation of brainless fanboyz we have ever seen, i can't paste all the stupid analysis (gamingbolt has done a good jog to satisfy their dumb fanboyz with bad explanations), but this, it's too much, i can't imagine they are bleivieng all the lies they are writting :

"If PS3 exclusives matter on sales, why doesn't the PS3 and their exclusives sell better? Uncharted 3 shipped 3.8 million and sold... 700K."

uncharted already sold more than 3,5 m, and it's on vgchartz (always undertracking sony's things), so stfu misinformed liar.
#1.11 (Edited 1395d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
timotim  +   1396d ago | Well said
First off big up to Jo for putting me on with the tip ;) Now my 2 cents...I know this site is full of PS fanboys and I'm sure this will get its fair share of negatives but this is the difference between MS and Sony this generation. Most here want to turn every gaming conversation into a war about first party exclusives while totally missing whats actually happening in this market. MS post its best quarter EVER, bringing in 21 BILLION in revenue while Sony is in the red hundreds of millions of dollars. Xbox (E&DD) is soaring now while Sony's PS business is operating at a loss. All this talk about exclusives and where has that gotten Sony?

Say what you want but Microsoft ate Sony's lunch this generation and totally changed the dynamics around from what they were the previous 2 generations. At the end of the day all of this is a business...everyone does what they do in the attempt to make more money, and Sony has always been 1-2 steps behind since 2005. If it weren't for the strength of the PlayStation brand...these numbers would have looked even worse. From a business standpoint MS has been doing what they need to reach the masses while Sony hoped that a few extra exclusives a year would push them over the top. Instead all you have is a few hardcore and passionate gamers/fanboys here on N4G trying to push the message that more exclusives equals better...yet no one listening.

MS has been heavily investing in new ways to use a gaming console...everything from Kinect, Media Center, PC streaming (was new for a console back in 2005), all the TV and media options, Live Arcade (again, new for 2005), Achievements, party chats, video chats, all the social stuff etc, has paid off and kept them above the competition. Sony on the other hand has taking a me too approach by simply copying what has worked. MS came with a brilliant strategy and Sony is now on the ropes. Whats worse is that 2012 is the year that the Xbox drops to $149.99 while still maintaining a profit...the PS3 is operating at a loss but yet again will be forced to drop its price again just to stay competitive.

I know what the fanboys are thinking...your thinking but we still have a chance at revenge if only the PS3 can out sell Xbox WW...then we'll rub it in those Xbot faces...well guess what...even if that were to happen, MS and Xbox still comes out on top because the PS brand was the hottest thing in gaming 10 years ago, but in just one generation has gone from top class and growing money on trees to the exclusive game only system and losing money left and right.
BiggCMan   1396d ago | Immature | show | Replies(6)
moparful99  +   1396d ago
You do realize that all of those losses are from sony as a whole right? The playstation brand is the only thing making money for sony right now... Microsoft actually had their stock downgraded last year due to all of the hemoraging coming out of their entertainment division... Just shows how little you really now...
kaveti6616  +   1396d ago
Sony as well. Just last week.
PimpDaddy  +   1396d ago
How many Billions of dollars did the PS3 lose before it started turning any profit at all? If I'm not mistaken it lost over 5 billion dollars it's first 3 years before the games division started turning a profit.

That was with PS2 and PSP combined with PS3 those first 3 years. So that loss was well above 5 Billion dollars. Then you add in how much money the PSN outage cost Sony last year and how much money is lost to the 50 dollar price cut.

By the end of the PS3's lifespan Sony will still be Billions of dollars in the red. The PS3 has lost so much money that it nullified the total profit of the PS1, PS2, and PSP combined.

Since you want to bring Microsoft into this equation. Microsoft has made Billions in profits on the 360. Even after RROD, R&D costs, selling consoles at a loss in the beginning, and having Zune and other hardware included in their financials for the EDD division. By the time this generation is done Microsoft will have made enough profit to wipe out the loss of the original Xbox too.

Now what???
moparful99  +   1395d ago
Really Pimpdaddy?? Lost so much that it nullified all the profit from the ps1, ps2, and psp??? Do you know that for a fact or are you just spouting out nonsense cause it sounds good in your dillusional little world... Its also funny how you fail to even consider software sales and licensing which is where sony has always made the bulk of their profit in the gaming industry.. Or that there are millions of Plus subscribers... Sony sold the ps3 at a loss for the first few years but in the 2009/2010 fiscal year they started making profit on every system sold.. Regardless of how you spin the facts to fit into your agenda, the playstation brand makes money for sony and helps to stimmey the losses from the lcd tv's and mobile phone markets.. Playstation and the film industry is where they are making money otherwise the losses would have been greater...
Ghost250  +   1396d ago
oh my god just shut up. if anyones a fanboy its you, posting all this information about what microsoft has done this gen. no one cares about that crap. the only thing you should be caring about is getting good quality games from these companies and devs, not their sales numbers idiot. so stop with your nonsense fanboy.
Ethereal  +   1396d ago
Your argument is null and void. These postings are based on Sony as a whole company (as well as MS). The only positive in the company has been the gaming division for the last few years even if they were slightly in the red this year (for reasons we all know about). I won't even go into all the bullshit you attempted to use as supportive material to why Sony is failing...
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OMEGAZONE  +   1396d ago
The only people who worry about this is investors, this is a gaming site and all we care about is games and consoles. And what it comes down to is Sony have invested in the games, new, old franchises and current ones, HD remakes and Japanese imports. This is what we care about.

What we don't care about is turning the console into a swiss army knife which is what Microsoft are obsessed with to a point where next generation a lot of people are going to ditch the Xbox for the Playstation because they can see where the games are.
mume19  +   1395d ago
I might jump on Nintendo's train before i go back to the playstation brand.
Bereaver  +   1396d ago

@your exclusives comment.

So what you're trying to point out is that even though the ps3 has so many great exclusives it doesn't make a difference in console sales right? Sounds like sheep to me.

All aboard the Kinect train.
Frankfurt  +   1396d ago
If PS3 exclusives matter on sales, why doesn't the PS3 and their exclusives sell better? Uncharted 3 shipped 3.8 million and sold... 700K. It didn't even show up in the top 10 of its 1st month, while Gears 3 was still there (in its 3rd month).

Look it up.
squallheart  +   1395d ago
Um the reason they don't sell as high is because there are to many exclusives. From the variety of choices available I cant keep up. I have 10 games I have bought, two of them are open and the rest are sealed still. I have yet to buy ICO collection and the new yakuza. I cant keep up. What does the 360 have gears and um dance central. Theirs probably another title im missing but that's all I can think of. The reason they sell so well its because people are desperate for a damn title. Most of the releases are multi anyway. Theirs nothing on the 360 that appeals to me other than lost Odyssey.
xPhearR3dx  +   1395d ago
@ squallheart

lol "There's too many!!!". It doesn't matter how many there are, it matters if they interest the community. Look at all the 360 Kinect Exclusives. Do they sell 5-10 million like Halo? No, because they don't appeal to the community. And even a game like Kinect Sports can sell 3+ million, where most PS3 exclusive barely pass a million. If you count all the stupid Kinect titles, 360 actually had more exclusives in 2011 than Sony did. You can list "hardcore" exclusive all day long, but no matter how polished and good they look, if people don't find them appealing, they won't buy them.

You kids on N4G live in a fantasy world. 360 users don't buy Gears because they have no other games to play, they buy it because 360 users love it. Even some PS3 guys wish they had it. I remember when Resistance 3 was announced, kids acted like they just saw a ghost. Now Insomniac axed the series because it sold like shit lol Face it. No one but you and your little fantasy land want's your "big" list of lackluster exclusive titles.
plmkoh  +   1396d ago
"MS post its best quarter EVER, bringing in 21 BILLION in revenue while Sony is in the red hundreds of millions of dollars."

You start off with the topic of Microsoft's and Sony's gaming division, yet you go on quoting total corporate revenue streams which accounts for all product lines related and unrelated to gaming...your 2cents of credibility is already in the drain.

"If it weren't for the strength of the PlayStation brand"

Here's a paradox, if the product behind the brand is so lackluster, how does the brand remain so strong? Or are you telling me brand alone pushes a product...tell that to Nintendo during the 3DS launch.

" Instead all you have is a few hardcore and passionate gamers/fanboys here on N4G trying to push the message that more exclusives equals better"

Apparently the "few" 62million PS owners are all N4G fanboys...where does that leave the 66+ million Xbox owners?

"MS has been heavily investing in new ways to use a gaming console...everything from Kinect, Media Center, PC streaming (was new for a console back in 2005), all the TV and media options, Live Arcade (again, new for 2005)...Sony on the other hand has taking a me too approach"

Yeah Sony were so good at copying that they debuted wtih media centre capabilities, optional linux support and even a motion controller. But of course we all know that Microsoft always had the idea of "new ways to use a gaming console" including the HD-DVD attachment which was part of their "brilliant plan".

"I know what the fanboys are thinking...your thinking but we still have a chance at revenge if only the PS3 can out sell Xbox WW"

Ah I see...whilst the PS3 fans are playing their "few" exclusives, the Xbox fans are busy biting their nails because "sales" is the only victory they can grasp...

Actually I agree MS did come with "new ways to use a gaming console": the ability to compare sales so that you can prime your E-peen. *well done*
#3.7 (Edited 1396d ago ) | Agree(27) | Disagree(13) | Report | Reply
360GamerFG  +   1396d ago
Actually the Xbox 360 owners are busy BUYING AND PLAYING games period. Attach rates say 360 owners play more games. Please understand, attach rates are determined using both console and software sales and on average an xbox owner has more games than a ps3 owner
plmkoh  +   1396d ago
I think you have greatly misread my point if you feel the need to point out "xbox owners" do this rather than my point on "Xbox fans" do otherwise.
FriedGoat  +   1396d ago
What games are they playing exactly? I got bored of gears last month, just playing my ps3 exclusive backlog now. The only thing I use my Xbox for now is streetfighter (xbox fightstick) and warming up my room.
catguykyou  +   1395d ago

Funny thing about consoles, they don't just play exclusives.....
videoxgamexfanboy  +   1396d ago
well said but trying to get some of these spin masters to understand that is like trying to fit a circle in a square. plus bubbles...
Insomnia_84  +   1396d ago

So, what you're saying is that your VIDEO GAMES CONSOLE is better because Microsoft made it very popular with their GREAT ADVERTISING STRATEGY even though it has LESS GAME EXCLUSIVES AND CHEAPER HARDWARE???

The 360 sales more because:
1. It is cheap
2. It is very popular.


If you think exclusive games don't matter then you're not thinking like a gamer, you are thinking like a console fanboy. Most exclusives show what the hardware can really do and because of that developers can give us better games, something that many third party developers want to do but can't because of the 360 and agreements with Microsoft.

Do you even know everything that's happened with the 360 before and after launch in 2005??? if you don't, then I understand your ignorance.
xxLuckyStrike  +   1396d ago
Damnnnnn pimp daddy just owned!!!
Insomnia_84  +   1396d ago
I would like that disagree to make me understand why his popular Nissan that sales a lot is better than my Bugatti Veyron.

(I doubt his ignorance will let him understand what I'm trying to say)
gamingdroid  +   1395d ago

... and did you ask yourself why the Xbox 360 is popular?

It's not "just" about the amount of content, because if it was the PC hands down would have won. There is no other platform that has more and exclusive content than PC.

***I would like that disagree to make me understand why his popular Nissan that sales a lot is better than my Bugatti Veyron.***

Because he did *NOT* pay as much for the Nissan.

People also pay more for Coach handbags, but they aren't really that different in workmanship and quality than a standard hand bag that cost hundreds less.

Price does not equal quality nor does sales for that matter! However, what sales do indicate is often better *perceived* value to the customer....
#3.9.3 (Edited 1395d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(7) | Report
DK286K   1395d ago | Spam
Insomnia_84  +   1395d ago

Did you not read my comment well?
It is popular because of ADVERTISEMENT!! you see an Xbox360 ad EVERYWHERE!! Microsoft even had commercials where they showed MULTIPLATFORM GAMES as if they were 360 exclusives!! the paid many developers for timed exclusives and dlc, you got no idea how many dumb asses I've seen the stores saying that "x" game is only for the 360 when it is a multiplatform game!! people don't care to search for information when getting things like this and they are mostly PARENTS of kids who want the "hottest"/"popu lar" thing in the market that most of their friends have.

"what sales do indicate is often better *perceived* value to the customer...."

the 360 better value to the costumer????? really?? you forgot about paying for a wireless extention? batteries for the controllers? $50 to play online? overpriced propietary hard drives?? old disc format DVD?? 33% failure rate that for any product is a DISASTER! proof that Microsoft let the system go to the costumers hands KNOWING THAT IT WAS DEFECTIVE but doing it just to be ahead of Sony???...and people still bought it like if it was the best deal!!



"The 360 is popular because of great games, and developers make great games for it because it's popular. That's the sign of success.

If that was the case, the PS3 should be selling millions more than the 360. The PS3 has more games and more aaa games, genre defining games like LBP, M.A.G with its 200+ gamers online at onve in a single map, tech-defining games like Killzone, Heany Rain, God Of War 3, Uncharted with its amazing grafics and fluid cinematic gameplay, all these games have won awards for game of the year and some of them for tecnological achivements.

I feel it is a waste of time trying to make the brain-washed 360 loyalist to understand the fantastic strategy Microsoft had to get into your living room. Do you know about that?? no, right? that's what I thought. It is on paper and they don't give a damn about you as a GAMER! wait until the next Xbox and you will find out........

Did you ever think why Microsoft shut down first party studios instead of opening more????
RememberThe357  +   1396d ago
timotim: You show your ignorance with this;

"these exclusives haven't made ONE BIT OF DIFFERENCE".

There is no way any of us could know that, yet you say it as a fact.

Your a fanboy calling out fanboys and it's so much more pathetic because you can't even see it.
mayberry  +   1396d ago
And ms's gaming business model is agreeable to you? You would like all gaming console companys to only support muti-platform, third party games from now on? Yes, it seems to make rich people richer, but I am a gamer, and all I really want is the games.

I also am a beer enthusiast, so I should only dring Budweiser because they sell billions, but not drink a wesleverten abt 12 belguin trappist because they cater to a smaller group of embibers?...
supremacy  +   1396d ago
Bro investing in exclusive ips isnt the issue, if anything its the best thing Sony and Nintendo got going for them. Its what defines them and helps them shift units.

When the ps3 released it barely had any exclusives and mostly relied on multiplatform games. And what happened? You and many others critized Sony and its platform for not having "quote" games. The 360 had its share of exclusives and everyone was up in arms with the platform, this was despite its troubles with hardware issues.

Ever since the ps2 was assembled, Sony began investing in the PlayStation business and started buying these studios in order to maintain its business. They know, they cant just survive of third party software alone, the days of 3rd exclusivity are pretty much gone to the wayside.

And sure they are losing money left and right as how you like to put it, but that isnt due to their PlayStation business more so than it has to do with their other departments and the fact that as a japanese company it has to endure the negatives of the strong "yen" where thats not the case with MS, since they are riding the weak dollar. Heck even Nintendo is reporting losses and yet the 3DS is moving units like hot cakes.
So for you to sit there and write all this nonsense, and question one companies' strategies is about as silly as the very same fanboys you critisize.

Besides this gen only proved how strong the PlayStation brand is, given everything that has happened. A higher price tag, hacks, earthquakes, floods, tsunami's, releasing a year after the competition and Marketing less. Declining on time exclusivity in favor of full exclusivity and a new ips. And still within reach of the 360 in overall sales? Ill say MS has not eaten anyone's lunch yet, heck Nintendo who they predicted would be out of the race, laps them and Sony in sales. And like you pointed out made them go "me too" in the motion department, though we all know the whole concept of kinect can be traced back to the original eye toy. But thats a different topic for another time.

And please, the first xbox was considered a failure by most and in comparisson the first PlayStation was a success(in the number one spot at that). The 360 sells great in the U.S and horrible in japan, the sky is blue in the day and pitch black at night.

Japanese sales dont matter, but U.S sales do. Because we say so. Give it a rest. The ps3 has been profitible for over a year now and the psp and ps2 are certainly not damaging anyones wallet at Sony thats for sure.

In my honest opinion, Sony is more ready and equipped for next gen because of their investments in first party studios. They could afford to release a gaming console with a slew of interesting ips without having to rely on capcom or activision for bundles or time exclusives. In the same breath, I admire Nintendo for similar reasons.
#3.12 (Edited 1396d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
DebateMaster  +   1396d ago
and where has MS success gotten you? Exactly didnt get you anywere.
CarlitoBrigante  +   1396d ago
Good boy, now you play your sales while i'm waiting for my PS3 exclusives.

LiquifiedArt  +   1396d ago
Microsoft ruined gaming.

they made it more expensive, they allowed a "pay the middle man" mentality to come into play and they provide less exclusives. oh thats right and they built crappy hardware just to get to market first. They also pushed the DLC idea of holding back parts of a game tomsell a week after release. m$ doesnt give a damn about the consumers get real.

The best thing m$ did was attempt to JUSTIFY Live subscriptions by adding features after the fact, but the truth is people pay because they get screwed by not being allowed to access the online component of the game they just bought.

its a shame most people are too dumb to stand upmfor such nonsense and put they $$ elsewhere.
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schlanz  +   1396d ago
Sony fans mention exclusives all the time because it means more games to play, that you can't play anywhere else... not because it means it will lead to more system sales or "winning" an imaginary console war.

Sony posted a loss. The gamers who have the console are still winning.
EVILDEAD360  +   1395d ago
Wow Timotim you just shut down N4G with that one.

I forsee many disagrees for that one, but you definately hit it on the head with what the focus has been from the fan bloggers and many from this site, but the results speak volumes.

But, the truth is this is not necessarily the PS3, Sony is internally and externally restructuring their business ventures. The last story we saw from one of their TV models.

The reality is Sony just launched Vita and we can assume R&D is still is still draining resources for the next console.

But as I have pointed out these last two years, Microsoft has made the best overall moves in the last two years leading yup to this point.

I've also said that if a few people and sites bashing the 360 on the internet is all they have to worry about then they are fine. As opposed to having this headline and the whole world jumping down your throat at that point.

telekineticmantis  +   1395d ago
I Don't get it,
This is where gaming has gone. Microsoft shamefully sh@tted on you Xbots and you rather defend them because they make more money, Microsoft is like your pimp... smh. Here I am thinking videogaming is, hmmm VIDEOGAMES and the whole time it was about who can stuff more money into rich people pockets.

To this day I don't understand how you're satisfied paying for a service that you don't use. Hundreds of companies would be shutdown for this kind of operatin, but you Xbots are relentless, even if it comes to being mugged by microsoft for your money... smh.

You missed out on everything this gen and for what? you know what you what, you stuff fat rich peoples pockets I'll play games, atleast we're both doing what we enjoy.
thatdude75  +   1395d ago
MUAHAHAHAHAHA CRY MORE. your tears are tasty.
telekineticmantis  +   1395d ago
TEARS??? I play games... what do you do, watch netflix? ENJOY! ROFLMAO!
Megaton  +   1395d ago
I can't believe this post was given a "well said". Did a mod just pass by, see 4 paragraphs and bump it up? It's 4 paragraphs of trolling.

Aside from making his whole post about Microsoft vs. Sony (while also calling people who do that, "fanboys"), he's wrong about the PlayStation brand being unprofitable, as many other users have pointed out. Sony as a whole made a loss. Their gaming division is fine.

It's like how Microsoft's Xbox division is profitable, yet Bing is hemorrhaging an estimated $1 billion per quarter. Companies have highs and lows within themselves. Strong sectors try to make up for the weak ones.
MrBeatdown  +   1395d ago
Glowing praise for MS, yet a complete disregard for many of the most significant reasons why MS is in the position it is in today. Not really unexpected coming from a guy lambasting "fanboys" for bringing up the issue of games on a game enthusiast site.

"MS has been heavily investing in new ways to use a gaming console...everything from Kinect, Media Center, PC streaming (was new for a console back in 2005), all the TV and media options, Live Arcade (again, new for 2005), Achievements, party chats, video chats, all the social stuff etc, has paid off and kept them above the competition. Sony on the other hand has taking a me too approach by simply copying what has worked. MS came with a brilliant strategy and Sony is now on the ropes. "

And where did all this get Microsoft? They are clinging to second place, basically thanks to their early launch, against a competitor that royally botched their own launch and didn't get their act together until late 2008. Sony's biggest problem this generation wasn't Microsoft. It was Sony.

Yet you make it sound like it's all Microsoft's masterful strategy that put them on top. Hell, if there was one thing aside from the early launch of 360 that made the biggest difference, it was Microsoft going after Sony's third party exclusives or timed exclusives like GTA and Final Fantasy. Now, repeat after me... EX - CLOO - SIVES.

It's funny that you failed to bring that up, or Microsoft's huge focus on their own exclusives early this generation. Xbox defenders seem quick to dismiss anyone who values exclusives as some inconsequential group of PS3 fanboys who don't matter, yet exclusives were a huge driving force behind the PS1, PS2, and 360's success, and PS3's troubled launch. Hell, "PS3 has no games" was such a common complaint that it became a meme. It doesn't take a genius to see which company understands that, and which company has shifted it's priorities to whatever Kinect is supposed to accomplish.

Sony ****ed up big time, but the thing is, they seem to have learned from it. They screwed up on the fundamentals, like pricing and games, but have gone to great lengths to address those issues, and in the case of games, they've turned it into one of their greatest strengths.

It should be painfully obvious by Nintendo and Sony's drastic swings between success and failure that absolutely no amount of success guarantees anything beyond the current generation.

You can go on and on about Microsoft's financials. Why you would do such a thing is beyond me, but at the end of the day, all the profitability in the world today doesn't mean much if Microsoft can't top the competition next generation. With Sony now making games, reasonable pricing, and PSN a priority, Microsoft has a much steeper hill to climb. They aren't going to be able to capitalize on a competitor's failure. They're going to have to have to be better than Sony's best. All the money in the world won't guarantee success. The first Xbox was proof of that. I'm sure the usual suspects will disagree but they're only kidding themselves.
#3.20 (Edited 1395d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
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MrBeatdown  +   1395d ago

Looks like usual suspect #1 has arrived.

Cheaper on average, huh? Why does the average console price matter? Are all console SKUs being bought in equal quantities or something?

What matters is what people are spending and what they are getting.

Now, do you have any actual numbers? Sales figures for all SKUs of the 360 and PS3 sold around the world that prove that consumers on average, are willing to spend more for their 360? Hmmm? Go find facts to back up your point, then you might have an argument to make. For all you know, more people could be buying the 4GB 360 SKUs than any other model.

Oh, and I find it funny, although not surprising, that you're putting so much stock into the last four months of 2011 in which the PS3 had a pricing advantage over the premium 360 SKUs, but you're oh so willing to overlook the pricing advantage that Microsoft has had in some form for the past SIX YEARS. Just more cherry picking of facts in the name of 360.
#3.20.2 (Edited 1395d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report
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Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1395d ago
You are like the only person that ever makes sense and speaks the truth whenever posting arguments.
#3.20.4 (Edited 1395d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
MrBeatdown  +   1395d ago

U.S. huh? Well, that's one country down. Maybe. I read that article. This was particularly noteworthy...

"By average price, we mean the total hardware revenue sales for a month divided by the number of systems sold in that particular month. For example, if 70 systems are sold at $200 and 30 systems are sold at $300, then the average price will be $230 per system."

And it's all based on NPD data. So, does NPD and Gamesutra account for systems bundled with Kinect, Move, or additional games? The average price paid for a 360 is $306 according to the article, but the price of the most expensive standalone 360 is $300 right? Looks like people could be paying more simply because they are getting more. Not an apples to apples comparison. If anything, my guess would be that it says more about the popularity of Kinect, or the perceived value of the bundled contents than it does about what people are willing to pay for a standard game system.

But whatever. It has no bearing on my argument. My point was never dependent on sales during a four month window. It was based on Sony and Microsoft's overall strategies over the course of six years of this generation, and comparing that to what made consoles successful in generations going all the way back to PS1.

My point was simple and it's based on pretty straightforward logic. Sony screwed up. Big time. And those mistakes had a significant effect on the PS3. It hampered the PS3s potential for success and gave Microsoft an opportunity to grow.

Are you still with me?

Now, with Sony's complete 180 in terms of pricing and games on the PS3, and the fact that Sony has made games and pricing a priority on Vita, it's not exactly a stretch to think their next console will follow suit, with a focus on games and releasing at a competitive price. And with games and pricing being two huge factors that contributed to the PS1, PS2, and 360's success, it's hard to argue that Sony wouldn't be off to a good start, which is a far cry from how the PS3 started out. If Sony gets off to a better start than they did last time, obviously that makes competing a greater challenge for Microsoft.

You seem to take issue with what I said, but you didn't dispute a single point I made. I'm not sure why you think four months worth of the 360 "being cheaper on average" overrides all the factors that would contribute to the launch of a whole new set of consoles. Hell, the whole damn point of my original comment was that no matter how successful you are in one generation, it's absolutely no guarantee of success in the next generation as both Sony and Nintendo can attest. But that point seemed to go right over your head.


Thanks! I've always been a fan of making sense.
#3.20.5 (Edited 1395d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
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MrBeatdown  +   1394d ago
It doesn't matter if the US is the biggest market. What holds true in the US doesn't necessarily hold true worldwide. But it's irrelevant. Like I said, and you didn't dispute, that article didn't even prove what the average 360 sells for in the US. It isn't taking into account what's included in each SKU. It's just assuming all that money spent is put toward the console, as opposed to additional contents that add value to the package.

You say you dispute my point on the basis that all signs point to MS being better off RIGHT NOW. You missed my point again. RIGHT NOW, doesn't guarantee any kind of success next gen. Like I said earlier, both Sony and Nintendo can attest to that.

This gen, Microsoft had a year headstart. Most of the PS2's defining games went multiplatform. They had a great start with exclusives, both first and third party, in no small part due to their early launch. They had a dramatic price advantage for years, and in a way, still do. They had a superior online infrastructure which they were able to carry over from Xbox whereas Sony started from scratch. Many multiplatform games performed better on 360. It was easier for developers to program for. Now they have Kinect. Microsoft has or had all that going for them, yet they can't seem to get out of the shadow of third place thanks to Sony keeping pace.

You say I'm downplaying Microsoft's enormous success, but Sony has had nearly the same amount of success. You didn't take issue with timotim's exaggerated claims and glowing praise for Microsoft, even though he omitted major factors that contributed to Microsoft's success, like Sony's pricing and line-up. You have a problem with me "downplaying" MS's success, but have no problem with timotim making it out to be far more than what it actually is? Not surprising.

But getting back to my point, Sony has had the same level of success as the 360 considering the PS3's less time on the market. Microsoft's best performance yet and Sony's worst performance yet resulted in a console race that has essentially been decided by Microsoft's early launch. Yet that bodes well for Microsoft next gen? Sony had serious game and price issues that held them back with the PS3, and they're making a substantial effort to address them, which bodes well for a future console, especially when historically, consoles that get those two right do best. Now, where will Microsoft improve? How will they compensate for the gains they made thanks to Sony's fumbles, if Sony's won't be making them again?

I never said MS's success wouldn't continue. They could do just as well, if not better, but it's clear they have to elevate their game if they want to do it. Timotim's "brilliant strategy" isn't as brilliant as he makes it out to be. Either that or "brilliant" simply isn't good enough to topple Sony's idiotic strategy. Take your pick. If the best Microsoft could do was eek out a small lead against a competitor who not just shot themselves in the foot, but blew their whole damn leg off, they're obviously going to have to do substantially more to maintain their position against a competitor that's all the more wiser thanks to lessons learned this generation. There won't be huge mistakes for MS to capitalize on next time around.

Everything I said was grounded in fact. Even after three comments, you've failed to provide any kind of fact or solid logic that puts my conclusion in doubt. You mentioned 2011 sales, but it doesn't amount to much in the grand scheme of things. Sony and Nintendo both fell from first to last in sales. Their great sales and brand awareness didn't translate into success for a following generation. Why would it be any different for Microsoft?
#3.20.7 (Edited 1394d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
Bundi   1396d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
k-dillinger  +   1396d ago
well theres something really wrong with micros numbers put it like this ps3 has been outselling xbox every year since launch and the gap getting smaller so you guys really believe they have out sold ps3 this year? that is next to impossible due to xbox only selling good in the U.S there's no way that will put them over ps3 when ps3 outsells it everywhere else in the world it hasn't happened yet and guess what it hasn't now they haven't outsold ps3 this year at all that's highly unlikely how your even believing that is a total mystery to me im guessing true numbers to date is more like 65 milli as of feb 2. which is more likely since those numbers are from dec which means ps3 still outsold xbox again for what like the 5th year str8.

s/n i buy a gaming console to play GAMES not for social networking but to play games but i think that mixed with the lack of games this will be its downfall focusing on the social ability then about making games and putting all their energy into America the most unloyal market of the three and if they so much as slip in the U.S its game over ww peace.
#5 (Edited 1396d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(24) | Report | Reply
gotgame1985  +   1396d ago
how are you going to say america is unloyal when Xbox 360 is american console and dominates the american market? bump that the 360 is a world wide console, Americans and some people in Europe are the only one to see that it offers just as much if not more then ps3. The Japanese just won't try to give it a chance at least Americans consider the ps3.

And I know the xbox 360 is made in china, but the brand is owned by Microsoft in american company.
B1663r  +   1396d ago
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   1395d ago
Toyota makes better cars though. Who can blame us for buying them?

Also, Toyota's are made in America. I just thought you should know that. ;)
mynd  +   1396d ago
K-dillinger, keep telling yourself that, but the fiscal show about .8 million more Xbox's sold last year.
DK286K   1395d ago | Spam
Shubhankar  +   1396d ago
Despite being last in terms of sales, the PS3 is still performing very, VERY strongly, and no one can really call it a failure and say that it didn't do well. In fact, it's got the best library this generation, and definitely deserves all the success it is getting, if not more.
timotim  +   1396d ago
This is what I don't understand. You say its performing very strongly, yet they are LOSING money on it 5 years into the console's life. How is that "very strongly"?
ThatArtGuy  +   1396d ago
The PS division is making money. Sony *as a whole* is losing money.
Citizen_King  +   1396d ago
Sony isn't losing money on the Playstation brand really, they are losing money in other departments.

All they really need to do is stop spreading themselves out so thin and unite their departments under one vision. That is something Kaz wants to do I believe..
tarbis  +   1396d ago
Sony is losing a lot of money from their T.V. division. Research and know your facts.
Shubhankar  +   1396d ago
Because Sony is making a profit on every PS3 they sell? Because it sold 62 freaking million units? Because it has an awesome library? Because it has tons of exclusives? Because it's only 4 million units behind the Xbox 360?

But I guess that doesn't matter, because the entire company is in a loss, which has nothing to do with the PS3 in any way at all, right? :-/
#6.1.4 (Edited 1396d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(6) | Report
PimpDaddy  +   1396d ago
I think what timotim is trying to say is that Sony lost money on the PS3 as a whole. No matter how much the games division has profited the last 2 years it will never make up for the 5 Billion plus in losses the first 3 years. Then you factor in the money PSN lost due to being hacked and shut down and the 50 dollar price drop this past year and I think you can make the argument that the PS3 is not a successful product from a financial point of view.

The one thing the PS3 did accomplish though was Blu-Ray beating HD-DVD. Can't argue that one...
CarlitoBrigante  +   1396d ago
"it will never make up for the losses" Stop being a fanboy. Ignored.
Zechs34  +   1396d ago
Use a calculator... It'll help prove you wrong in private.
tiffac008  +   1395d ago
I tried to reply on the $50 price cut on the other article but N4G crapped out on me. Remember the Gamasutra links you posted as a reply to me. It clearly states lowered revenue due to the price cut, Sony did not lose money when they did the cut but since the profit of the Playstation division is lower, it affected the entire consumer electronic division's return and made the loses from that division much more higher.

As you said the past 2 years Sony has been making a profit of their Playstation brand and that is probably the only consumer electronic brand they're profiting in, right now. Its probably true they will never recoup the loses sustained by the PS3 in its early life cycle as well.

Their Bravia TV is drowning in red, we all know the Xperia brand isn't clicking, their Cybershot cameras, Walkman mp3 players and VAIO laptops are all down. There is a reason Sony put all this in one division, so the Playstation profit will mask how poorly the freaking rest of the division are really doing.
NBT91  +   1395d ago
I dont think even the PS3 had much of a say in Blu ray beating HD-DVD, I mean I am not saying it had nothing to do with it, but other companis making blu ray players, and blu ray in laptops etc probably had more of a say in standardising blu ray as the default HD medium.
thehusbo  +   1396d ago
Shame they made such a loss, but I'm not a shareholder so makes no difference to me really. The games they produced last year were amazing and I'm sure this year will be just as good. Vita and twisted metal this month :) can't wait!

@disagree. Are u disagreeing that I'm getting a vita and twisted metal or the fact that I'm now infact a shareholder?
#7 (Edited 1396d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
SpartanGR  +   1396d ago
You should care! A strong company means strong games and lineup
PshycoNinja  +   1396d ago
Tell that to Microsoft...
PimpDaddy  +   1396d ago
I'm thinking Microsoft knows. 360>PS3 game attach ratio. Numbers don't lie. 360 owners buy more games...
kaveti6616  +   1396d ago
This is just a reflection of how terrible the economy is. Unemployment rates hitting record highs in Europe. Half the people in Spain are jobless. And sadly, the floods in Thailand, which probably displaced many and killed many, are also hurting businesses, and thus people are so apathetic to the plight of the people there. Even me. Today on Newegg I was looking up hard drives and was pissed that the prices had gone up (as a result of the floods in Thailand). Then it hit me that while I'm sitting safe and sound, complaining about materials, real people are suffering.

And now this. Sony posting losses isn't really good for anybody. There are people who are going to lose their jobs because of this. And perhaps the CEOs will get fired but their multi-million dollar severance packages will ensure that they're well taken care of. Forget about the games for a minute. And things are only going to get worse. Perhaps, the world, or humanity, really is coming to an end. At least civilized humanity. When people are forced to compete for scarce resources, they will devour each other. Microsoft will post record profits and still lay off thousands of workers. It's what they do. How long until people wake up from that "Communism/Socialism is evil" bullshit they've been brainwashed by as children, and see that Capitalism is the true enemy (at least unregulated Capitalism)?
gotgame1985  +   1396d ago
and how do you get that from Sony losing money.
Strikepackage Bravo  +   1395d ago
WOW how can you be so clueless, its capitalism's fault Sony is doing bad, and communism is the answer.

LOL You know there would be no playstation in a communist world buddy; its of no use to the state.
Smashbro29  +   1396d ago
This is not a gaming article. If the PlayStation division lost money, fine. But they didn't. Sony isn't selling enough TVs and other stuff.
C0MPUT3R  +   1396d ago
SONY needs to straighten out their TV division fast.
Also Howard Stringer is stepping down. And Kaz Hirai is the New CEO.
#11 (Edited 1396d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
TronEOL  +   1396d ago
I don't care what anyone says. Sony is doing perfectly fine. If Sony also made a very casual movie/Facebook/tv console it'd sell well too. If you look at the much bigger picture, Sony's console is very limited yet can still catch up to the 360 in terms of sales. While Microsoft has to constantly update their console (which isn't a bad thing) to keep people from forgetting it exists.

So sure, Xbox outsold and still outsells the ps3. But it damn well better when Microsoft practically adds new massive features yearly, advertises well known 3rd party titles as exclusives, buys out devs for early dlc, and probably has the most tv commercials that repeat over any product in the world. When you look at it like that, the tiny gap looks a whole lot worse for Microsoft.
gotgame1985  +   1396d ago
Not really remember Microsoft has said from the off that they have a 3 console cycle plan 1introduce them selves with the first Xbox and get brand regonention, looks looks that worked. 2 with the Xbox 360 gain ground on Sony, boy did they ever. And 3 with the Xbox 720, next, loop or what ever it will be named, dominate the game industry, seeing how they have pretty much beat Sony this gen they are bound to do better next gen.

I don't think they are going to just straight dominate over Sony as of today the 360 has a 4 mill gap over the ps3, and if Microsoft drops the price to $149 then it's safe to say that gap at the end of this gen will properly widen to 6 to 7 mill, unless Microsoft does something really stupid. so next gen I will give them a 13 to 15 mill gap if they launch first again. if not i still will give them 10 mill lead if they launched round the same time.

I got to say this sony fans all ways say that we got all these exclusives, But it still didn't help ps3 this year. That said do you people know that Microsoft now has more first party studios then Sony?
Yea some are kenict studios but we haven't seen what they produced yet, so hold judgement. look at all the XBLA exclusives they are getting, and they are actually good arcade games. I think in 2012 Microsoft will have you covered no matter what kind of gamer you are. Budget player with quality xbla, Casual with with kinect, Core with kinect, or Core with controller. Microsoft has what 16 or 17 studios you people are crazy if you think all these studios are going to be kenict studios. Why it is a given that every studio Microsoft has will use kemict some kind of way some will be kenict only studios some hybrid studios and some where you can tell that kenict was a after thought. In the end Microsoft should have more over all exclusives then sony, controller base, kenict base, or XBLA exclusives are exclusives.
CarlitoBrigante  +   1396d ago
First off, Microsoft shipped too many consoles, next quarter they will ship close to 0. They were epxecting to sell more then 3 million consoels in America in december yet they only did 1.7, more then 1.3 million consoles are sitting on the shelves. The PS3 is dominating in all regions outside the US.

2nd: LOL Since when do MS have more first party studios then Sony??? Bullsh1t! Sony has more first and 2nd party studios then MS and Nintendod COMBINED, yeah COMBINED!

When did MS talk about this nonsense: "3 console cycle and beating Sony" and other nonsense??"

WTF is kenict lol? Learn how to talk. Also I'm enjoying every Sony exclusive, you mad? You mad cuz you can't play games? Enjoying your Kinectimals game? LOL
PimpDaddy  +   1396d ago
Sony is not doing perfectly fine. They went from a stock market value of 100 Billion dollars in 2000 down to 18 Billion dollars in 2012. That is over 80 percent of their value lost in the past 12 years. Most of the damage done since 2005.

The PS3 lost over 5 Billion dollars in it's first 3 years. There is no way the PS3 will make back even half of what it lost before this generation is over. Not with price cuts and online gaming services being interrupted for 25 days. Not with fierce competition from Microsoft, Nintendo, and now Apple.

Microsoft and Nintendo took away a huge chuck of Sony's market share which has resulted in the PS3 still being last place in worldwide sales after 5 years. This is after Sony dominated with the PS1 and PS2.

Sony just reported it's 4th straight fiscal year of losing money. Were talking Billions of dollars every year Sony loses money.

You don't care what anybody says because you blindly worship Sony. But the facts remain that Sony is not doing very well. Spin it all you want till you're dizzy. It's funny that you dissed Microsoft. The 360 has made money this generation. Billions. Even after RROD, R&D costs, and selling their console at a loss in the beginning.

Maybe instead of trojan horsing Blu-Ray, spending so much money on the Cell, and making exclusives that the majority of it's customers don't buy. Sony should have charged for it's online service. Gone with DVD, advertised more, and launched earlier with less sophisticated hardware like Microsoft did. Just saying...
#12.2 (Edited 1396d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(19) | Report | Reply
trouble_bubble  +   1396d ago
There's something on your chin.

Just saying...
mume19  +   1395d ago
Correct me if i'm wrong but isn't the ps3 who has seen more FW updates than any console this gen??? Every time i turn it on there is the new version to be downloaded. Where i just want to pick up the controller and play.
Fishy Fingers  +   1396d ago
So will Gears of Wars graphics improve today? Will Uncharteds single player become less captivating?

A healthy interest in this is one thing, but the unnerving obsession some of you have with sales is baffling.

"I win because X company I have no ties to sold a few more lumps of plastic than Y company I have no ties too!!1"
GraySnake  +   1395d ago
I 100% agree.

Some people need to step back and just enjoy the games and even more importantly... the fun those games bring.
#13.1 (Edited 1395d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
iamamedic   1396d ago | Spam
Citizen_King  +   1396d ago

"Im giving it to like it is...your telling me what you want me to hear. You guys talk exclusives in EVERY SINGLE ARTICLE, yet these exclusives haven't made ONE BIT OF DIFFERENCE. Again, the purpose of exclusives is to bring in more GAMERS, yet Xbox still has the higher attach rates for games and has now outsold PS3 in 2011."

Sony actually sold a lot of software last year too. They sold 28.8 million more units in Q3 than they did the previous, so it seems to me like they are bringing people in with their library. That and you keep on forgetting that they are selling a lot of systems despite being the most expensive console on the market.
Ninver  +   1396d ago
Who cares?!

Back to playing ps3 exclusives...
hot111  +   1396d ago
It looks like dream about overtaking 360 is over,not that it matters.

"You do realize that all of those losses are from sony as a whole right? The playstation brand is the only thing making money for sony right now..."

I guess that Sony is lying then,this is from their report

Consumer Products & Services

Operating loss of 85.7 billion yen (1,099 million U.S. dollars) was recorded, compared to operating income of 63.5 billion yen in the same quarter of the previous fiscal year. This was primarily due to
(6) and the game business, reflecting higher marketing costs to promote network service platforms and lower sales of PlayStation®3 hardware due to a strategic price reduction.
Mikhail  +   1396d ago
Lower total sales is done in the annual report when price cuts happned. Look at nintendo's. That is a common busines practice. This does not mean its bleeding money.

I wonder though, since the tv business is a bust, can playstation just splinter off sony and let it be its own company similar to ninty.
tarbis  +   1396d ago
You listed no. 6 only. Where's 1 - 5? Oh wait, troll will always be troll.
Ethereal  +   1396d ago
All I have to say is that it's pathetic what the gaming industry has come to. I am almost sad to be such a devoted gamer when all I see is bickering from each side of the fence. Jesus, this looks like the US government. What happened to talking about games and the experiences the medium allows us to have? When did sales numbers and reviews become relevant to what we love? Remember why you game in the first place everyone...
xXtremeHDGamerXx  +   1396d ago
God damn it ,Ethereal ! You're a god damn genius! This is the most outstanding comment I have ever heard. You must have a goddamn I.Q. of 160. You are goddamn gifted, Ethereal .
_Aarix_  +   1396d ago
Sadly those days are gone :( Many true gamers went the way of retro gaming via emulation and having the older consoles. Im actually tempted to join them after all the disrespect I hear on here.
maniacmayhem  +   1396d ago
Sony's Bravia tv's just are good but when Samsung and LG offer the same for cheaper...well the consumer is going to go with the deals. Especially with today economy.
#19 (Edited 1396d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Why o why  +   1396d ago
I dont agree. Most people cant tell the difference between samsung tellys and sony ones but the motion on samsungs just seems to be jerky. I was a pioneer lover before they kicked the bucket but have seen way too many samsungs in peoples homes for me not to notice the same motion issues. The higher end models are probably on par though. most samsungs are half the price of sonys screens so theres just going to be more of them out there and kudos to samsung....some people dont know just how big they are.....some people dont know they own rolex or build ships.....massive company
#19.1 (Edited 1396d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
joeorc  +   1396d ago
its very freaking simple@timotim
Microsoft ate sony's lunch....hahahaha OK

The truth of the matter is this

Microsoft only has to make one freaking system platform the xbox360

While Sony has production lines an thus far larger operating expenses.

Its pretty much common sense.

Sony has the impact of the yen vs the US $
Top it off

Sony has not one system production on the market but now 4 the market share of games systems that sony has far outstrips Microsoft's one system in the market.

These losses was from the Tv Lcd manuf. Playstation Div. Is doing well if Sony only had just one platform in the market an outsourced all production to china an only had to market one platform at a time the numbers would look even better. But the reality is Sonys overhead is killing profits their reductions restructureing was an is going to take time. Sony is investing into more network services like PSN an playstation suite. KAZ is now Ceo while sir howard is head on the board of directors. Head of software development is tim shaaff.

It seems that dire straits for sony's playstation platform has been over an over claimed to be drawn an quartered since ps1 DAYS TO EVEN NOW!

Sony has had over $50 billion in generated in income since its inception as part of Sony. An as the recent statements Sony's other div. Has had more losses than the playstation div. 7 straight years in a row for the Tv div at Sony.

Its like playstation biz will fold 2007, no didn't happen than, 2008 nope how about 2009 nope, 2010 has to be the year.nope just like people like to point out sony will overtake the xbox360 or what needs to save the ps3.

Funny thing is Sony has once again 4+ playstation platforms in the market at the same time for their over all market share but microsoft has just the xbox360 for its market share. But somehow someway only the Ps3 vs just the xbox360 only counts for market share?


Yea microsoft really at sony's lunch alright.

Look im not saying microsoft has not done a fantastic job increaseing its market share in the games devices market but also Microsoft lost its main market share for game market share in the mobile market space which Sony is investing really heavy alot more for game market share in the mobile space quite a bit more than Microsoft. So its not so cut an dry like your trying to make it out to be even Sony has more than 1.5% market share in the mobile space. Sonys increased while Microsoft lost theirs. Its more of if you stating microsoft ate Sonys lunch Sonys eating Microsoft out of house an home in the mobile space.
Half-Mafia  +   1396d ago
MS spent alot of money building the Xbox brand while Windows mobile market share fell from 40% to under 1%. Now the Xbox is a big name and Windows phone 7 is a none starter.

Looking at the over all picture MS wished they where a big name in the smartphone market but cause of there focus on the xbox they have lost that market. Which the smartphone market is where all the money is atm.
joeorc  +   1396d ago
100% agreement
Microsoft indeed has had such a commanding lead in the smartphone market. Many it seems forgot how "smartphone" was coined. It was indeed Microsofts window's "pocket Pc" that powered pda's such as dell an those that like ipaq's , HP etc. The devices like palm that powered pda's at the time had the largest market share until the idea of using pocket Pc Os to be the main Os to power hybrid Pda devices that were also resistive touch powered phones. Windows mobile was not even created by microsoft than to replace the pocket Pc powered device's with a new updated windows CE edition to replace the aging pocket PC one.

The Term smartphone was still created though, an it was based on older pocket Pc windows CE Os that microsoft used on these hybrid Pda phones. That coined phrase was one that shaped an industry in the mobile market forever. Microsoft remade their New Compact windows mobile Os based on the very same windows CE but changed the Gui with an updated look to coinside with windows xp release at the time.

Many users an company's that made pda's with palm's Os switched to Windows mobile so much so the entire pda devices market was absorbed powered mainly by a windows Os based on Windows CE mainly in over 90% of all smartphones this was before the rim blackberry, the palm powered treo line of phones an before the Google's Android powered an apple's iOS powered Iphone which today are called "smartphones" something of which was based an created by the media when these hybrid resistive touch screen phones first came into the market.

An over time the commanding lead that windows mobile powered devices had in number of companies that made such phones powered smartphones has declined from the leader position to even behind RIM who's blackberry OS powered devices still contain more market share than even Microsoft now commands.

Now Apple is not the most used OS powering smartphones that is Google's Android. An while Sony is not leading in number of most sold Android powered devices they are leading when it comes to having a unified game development platform for Android powered devices. Which is a very large market for smartphones running the Android OS. That is whats also changed.

Not only windows mobile powered Os's made by microsoft for mobile devices has been displaced by the most used OS in the mobile market,but also the least used OS for games being made for their mobile Os.
MasterCornholio  +   1396d ago
Meh only fanboys care about this. I own a PS3 and this information doesn't stop me from enjoying it.

Suck it fanboys.

Captain Tuttle  +   1396d ago
so bitter...
Optical_Matrix  +   1396d ago
Dat loss. Sony needs to trim the excess off of their conglomerate. They make far too many products and aside from their digital camera's and games consoles, they all come at niche premiums that no one can afford in this economy. I hope Kaz can sort it out because every quarter without fail, Sony is bleeding money from every crevice.
joeorc  +   1396d ago
thats what they have been doing
The strong yen combined with the floods an weather damage to production plants. Rioters setting Sony factory on fire an the now 7th straight loss in the Tv div. Sony has been restructuring their company since 2009 Sir howard turned arround IBM an he is doing the same for Sony. Despite what the myth about Sir howard is in the gaming community has about Sir howard. He knows his stuff turning companies arround. The losses from the Tv div. Was a geat example these was straight years of loss was well before sir howard had a chance to start restructuring Sony's Div's that needed them.

Hireing Tim Shaaff in 2007 to head the software unified software platform for not just SCE but Sony's other Div. Sir Howard sits on the board of Sony Ericsson thare was a very good reason the playstation suite was builtbfor the mobile space. Sir howard was shrewd in this to make sure the PSVita was not going to be the only handheld. That sony will have in the market.

Even now Sir Howard is still going to be at Sony working with Kaz, Tim yoshida an others to make Sony trim an fix problems that Sony has accumilated over many years.
Mikhail  +   1396d ago
the foundation that sir howard is their four screen strategy that combines their splintered divisions and sir howard claims that playstation would play a pivotal role in it based on their interviews. Aside from that, I dont know what their
plans would be
Non_sequitur  +   1395d ago
It should also be noted that restructuring in Japan is much harder than in other countries because it is not easy to fire someone. To avoid getting in trouble with the government they must remove employees by other means like paying them to resign, or paying them to get demoted.
Mikhail  +   1396d ago
okay. To people that dont watch any business news. It shows that the music division and playstation division were the most profitable division of Sony. Its their TV AND CELLPHONES that bleeds money.. The 66 millionwas confirmed to be shipped so the MS NUMBERS ARE A BIT SKEWED. the 62 million are sold.

Bottomline, both consoles are doing great. Even if both companies are suffering losses, and worst comes to wrst bankrupt, both their gaming division can just splinter off and be profitable. Why does this site didnt report that, even bloomberg, cnn ans cnbc reported it.
#23 (Edited 1396d ago ) | Agree(15) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
Mustang300C2012  +   1395d ago
Except MS isn't suffering losses so you seem to not have a clue of what you are talking about. It doesn't matter in a company where the losses are coming from. If the losses leads to a business going out it won't matter that one section did better than another if that one section isn't keeping the company above. All the money that the PS2 and PS2 made over the last 15 years have been wiped out by the losses the PS3 has had this generation. MS had their best year yet both as a company and a devision and you can stop with the ship vs sold crap. The numbers are correct from the actual companies. You and Darkride need to hook up.
IRetrouk  +   1395d ago
no what he said is true, sony aint going nowhere, ship vs sold hold true, sony has SOLD 62 mill and STILL have a quarter to post, micro has shipped 66 but how many of them have they SOLD?, if you think its not important your deluded
THC CELL  +   1396d ago
I like how Xbox players chat.can you answer this question xboxers do you ever see the money ms eurn no. Sony has a vita coming upto 10 times more exclusives oh bought more studios invested into gamin all whiles suffering from a hack,earthquake.tasumi,riot and lame ass site bashing... What do Xbox get a stinking dashboard update. then u want the next console I have news for u the next Xbox is gunna fail.. If if it comes. oh people say exclusives sell more on Xbox its only cause Xbox has the least exclusives to choose from s enjoy wha 3 great exclusive u have
SuperK  +   1395d ago
Your comment is pathetic and childish. Your sony desperation reaks.
Tommy334  +   1396d ago
360 sales are the from RROD when 360 owners consoles break they buy a new one. Or even when new models/slim model came out they bought those even when they didnt need it.dont get ne wrong kinect helped sales somewhat but RROD caused 360 to owners to buy every new model. I play my ps3 every day and still have the phat 40gig if the YLOD was as big as the RROD just imagine PS3 sales. Just about every 360 owner has owned/bought 2 or more 360 consoles.
#25 (Edited 1396d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(10) | Report | Reply
Half-Mafia  +   1396d ago
My launch 360 RROD after about a year, warranty covered it. Few years later the drive started scratching the discs, warranty covered that. Last March my 360 RROD, out of warranty. Now im done with everything xbox. Im not spending £70 to get it repaired or going to go buy a new one.

Over the past few years i havent had Gold cause i didnt use the 360 enough to warrant it. and now the 360 has no games i want to play. Im done.

same for next gen, ill be getting the PS4 and thats it.
ardivt  +   1396d ago
big ea losses, sony losses, nintedo losses, thq losses... new videogamecrash incoming?
RandomDude655  +   1395d ago
It's already happening I think.
P_Bomb  +   1396d ago
Why are some people so adamant to link Sony's struggle with TVs/phones/movies to their videogame dept, which has actually been one of their strongest areas the past couple years?

The article said they're at 62 million PS3s, which is quite good for what's still the most expensive system 6 years later and 1 year late.

The difference between overall 360 & PS3 sales is negligible. Like...completely. PSP has 'em both beat at 75 mil' anyways. Yet suddenly I'm reading doom about killer apps, XBL, BluRay, attach rate, exclusives, multiplats. Keep things in perspective. The last XBox only did what, like 24 million ? Lets not throw out the baby with the bathwater here.
#27 (Edited 1396d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Half-Mafia  +   1396d ago
The 360 has a 12 month (jap,US) and a 16 month (Europe) lead on the PS3.

If we put the sale of both console to the life of the PS3 then (first 5 years of both consoles)

PS3- 62M
360- 55M

I can see when the last PS3 is manufactured, the PS3 being the best selling console for this gen. The Wii will be gone by next year, so Wii sales will sit at around 100m. MS will probably stop the 360, 2 years into the 720. But Sony will continue to sell the PS3 until it make sense for Sony to stop manufacturing it.

Sony sold 500k PS2s for the xmas season, The PS2 wont be gone until it sell less the 50k.
Adolph Fitler  +   1396d ago
Sony better surprise announce Kutaragi's surprise involvement in PS4's of there 1st most serious & biggest mistakes getting rid of Krazy Ken....the guy may have needed a muzzle due to shit talking on the public front, but no denying the guy is a mad scientist, freaking genius, that got better with every system in terms of awesome hardware & features.

I hope Sony have a kick ass 2012, as they deserve it after such unneccessary behaviour from the gaming media, namedly the American gaming media, that was negative finger pointing at PS3 straight before launch & long after for stupid shit that every console manufacturer is guilty of....things like putting PS3 down for not launching with 28 killer app titles, lack of games 3 weeks after launch, etc. It was the biggest media beat up farce in video game history & the obvious bias towards MS (being a U.S. owned company) was ridiculous & more transparent than Paris Hiltons underpants.
So blatent what they were doing after the general Japanese dominance of console manufacturing since it's inception, & the abysmal failures of all past U.S. owned companies that dared go up against them.

Fact is that the PS3 is a wicked console, thats ONLY real downfall is a very small aspect of the online infrastructure (namedly the most obvious for me is the lack of ability for x game voice chat, & ease of friend finding through xmb).....BUT, the fact is that PS3 simply has THE BEST exclusives without a shadow of doubt...I mean with new ip's overflowing on PS3, just as with PS2 & PS1, Sony don't fart ass about with nearly every exclusive containing Mario in the title & gameplay.

Like potentially genre defining games like Dust 514 (or whatever the associated number that follows is), 3 awesome Motorstorms, 3 Resistances, 2 inFamous's, Warhawk, the greatest futuristic racing series on the planet in Wipeout, 2 unbelievably good KZ's, 3 wicked Ratchets, a fan's dream in Socom: Confrontation & it's newly styled sequel Socom 4, GOW3, 3 mindblowing Unchartered's, & the list goes on....then factor in further exclusives, some of which, like Starhawk, just look phenominally good, as well as further sequels to above games like KZ4, Resistance 4, etc, & we have only more reason for PS3's growth in peoples homes with the harware's obvious further price plummets.

And the long overdue classic that is right at the door in Twisted Metal.....In fact, I cannot fathom why in hell Sony hasn't revived some of there most awesome games of yesteryear, such as bring back a personal fave of mine in Sir Dan Fortesque of Medievil 1 & 2 fame, Jet Moto, Rise Of Honor, Tobal, Bushido Blade, Einhander, Raystorm, The Getaway, another fave in Syphon Filter, Primal, Ghosthunter, Rise of Kasai & I know I'm forgetting a multitude of others & fellow PS1 & PS2 gamers whom also loved the machine will have there own MASSIVELY GIANT list also.
Adolph Fitler  +   1396d ago
So if Sony really started pulling out all the stops & getting all there past classics & hits being sequalized, along with them getting there finger out with PS1 & PS2 games re-released via psn store so they start hammering out a massive ammount of these titles to saturation point, so our choice is so great & varied that were constantly playing catch up to get our nostalgia collections up to date, it would benefit Sony so greatly it's ridiculous. I mean, I have a PSP also, & the inter-connectivity & gameshare feature between minis & ps1 games is what the future of consoles & handhelds/phones is all about, it should just be experienced by much more of the gaming community. I mean, I have nearly every SNES & Genesis/MD game taking up maybe 1gig or 2 on one of my 16gig PSP memory sticks & it is just the epitomy of what a handheld device should offer gamers....just a shame Sony didn't enjoy more success with PSP earlier on in it's lifecycle, so as to enjoy far more dev. support & thus awesome games. Although, don't get me wrong, as PSP does have a truckload of awesome titles from the best devs going, as well as Sony's inhouse gems, in fact, I'd take the PSP God Of Wars, Resistance psp, all the psp GTA's & the 2 Syphon Filters, over DS & 3DS's entire collection of games.

I hope to get a PSVita when the price is right (I don't have a priority for handhelds), & I will have a PS4 at midnight launch (early next year.....I guarantee it will come out in 2013), as well as will be buying Starhawk, Twisted Metal, Killzone 4, future MS's, future Resistances, etc, etc, pretty much on launch day, unless something goes horribly wrong (as is possible with the Resistance franchsie now Insomniac are passing it to a lesser developer)......But point is, Sony exclusives rock hard & the variety & high quality of there vast ammount of titles is what kept me gaming so hard after I had out grown my SNES, & has kept me as a psycho gamer that owns over 100 titles just in hardcopy form alone (I have over 60 on hdd bought over psn as well).....And this is not including my 360 games as well that is much, much lower in numbers due to my favouratism of Sony exclusives & the controller (as every gamer knows is one of the most important factors in console priority).

Bring on PS4 anyway Sony....I am ready yesterday to buy a launch unit, with a handful of your latest IP's, as well as a couple of returning favourites.
Captain Tuttle  +   1396d ago
Damn Sony, terrible numbers.

Kaz has his work cut out for him.
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