My strangest PC gaming problem yet: I’ve lost Games for Windows Live

PC Gamer - The year is 2012, and yet somehow Games for Windows Live is still a thing. It’s a dark future, to be sure, but even so I never imagined I’d have a problem as weird as this: I need it. And I can’t get it. It’s hard to stay angry when you’re laughing.

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gta_manic2389d ago

and so is Benjamin Franklin

closnyc2390d ago

worse thing to happen to pc gaming since gamespy

MySwordIsHeavenly2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

That's really weird. I'll look around for a solution.

MySwordIsHeavenly2389d ago

There's the last version they had. Try it...since Microsoft doesn't seem to want to help.

ThanatosDMC2389d ago

Same crap happened to me but it was when I bought Dead Rising 2 Off the Record on Steam. I couldn't install gfwl for some odd reason and I couldn't save my progress.

cyguration2389d ago

Same reason I can no longer play Resident Evil, Lost Planet or GTAIV online. Oh well...

ThanatosDMC2389d ago

I wonder if we can get our money back from Steam...

JOHN_DOH2389d ago

try signing up for an xbox live account. I was having problems with GFWL getting some error message but after i made an xbox live account it worked. I think it has something to do with achievements.

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