Starbreeze "in constant fear" Syndicate is too hard

EuroGamer - Will take 50 hours to unlock everything in co-op.

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Yi-Long2357d ago

... meaning you'll end up with no-one to co-op with after a few months.

I think the game looks pretty damn good and promising, and will probably have nice reviewscores, but it just kind of came out of nothing, and is already almost getting a release.

I don't think that enough people really know about this game. Might be the same problem Deus Ex 3 had, which also is a great game that scored well but sold very little, and was in the bargainbin within a month of release.

Pintheshadows2357d ago

F3AR had that problem, awesome co-operative multiplayer, but now there is no one playing. Shame. I hope Syndicate does well as the demo was fantastic.

Also Deus Ex HR is currently 15 pounds in Tesco. Which is good and bad all at the same time.

h311rais3r2357d ago

Omg a game is hard oh no

ChipChipperson2357d ago

I don't believe them thinking it's "too hard". I think it's more of the fact that most people don't know how to play the game properly. The player needs to learn how to adapt to it. Think about the right strategy and develop a sense of teamwork. Know what your gear and abilities. When you play a new game, you don't bring the same game plan and mentality from another game. Learn how to play many games, not just one.