Kazuo Hirai To Put Sony Back on Top With a New Approach

With the newly appointed title of President and CEO of Sony, Kazuo Hirai is ready to put Sony back on top. Hirai’s plans will bring things consumers will find beneficial, but most importantly, the CEO plans to advance Sony to a level the company should have been at years ago, while cutting product costs at the same time. Here is his plan.

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Tuxedo_Mask2241d ago (Edited 2241d ago )

I think Kazuo Hirai will be a good president for Sony and I look forward to seeing his plans put into motion to bring better services and products to us as consumers and more success to Sony as a company.


DarkBlood2241d ago

your doing it wrong its


smashcrashbash2241d ago

I agree.They have had quite a few setbacks including the earthquake and the hack. I hope he gets them back on track.

salinidus2239d ago

he's a core gamers dream man for running major technology company

MySwordIsHeavenly2241d ago

I find that watching videos of Kaz going crazy and listening to is a wonderful relaxation tool...

WooHooAlex2241d ago

Make less expensive products and concentrate on the software and services first?... YES, that is exactly what needs to be done.

SilentNegotiator2241d ago

Well, unfortunately for him, he has to start off with somewhat pricy (although I'd argue reasonable value) Vita, first. I guess he'll have to test his affordability method with the next Playstation CONSOLE.

And why not? Price has always been a MAJOR factor in console success. If the next PlayStation still has its signature great games (from its great studios), it advances decently technologically (even if not the most powerful), for a good price, and with a greater focus on service....who loses?

Abdou232240d ago

Which means they should start with the slim model first.

kreate2241d ago

Price reduction and increase in services is all fine and dandy but what exactly does he want to do?

DiRtY2241d ago

How should they reduce prices? The problem is the profit margin is killed by the strong yen. Lower prices will kill them without a significant reduction of costs.

Please don't make this to "thank the lord we have a new ceo, sony will be on top soon - phrase". They just won't. It is about saving their business first.

GraveLord2241d ago

This brings me hope that the PS4 will be affordable but powerful. Bring on the Cell 2.0.

joeorc2241d ago

The Playstation Suite is set to be able to run on the Ps3 an many have stated the PSVita already has mainly PS3 PORTS!

Think about that for a sec. If the PSVita is already running PS3 shader an art assets running already on ARM Cortex with say a new Malli Gpu or a Sgx or even TEGRA 3 OR 4 THE NEXT playstation would be far cheaper to build an reuse an make new game engines that are already being made for the next ver of windows 8 an iOS an Android powered devices. The next ver of windows runs on ARM Cortex powered chipsets the same with
Android an since these ARM cortex chipsets are system on a chip also its not much of a stretch to use ARM powered chipsets in the next Playstation system. An since the PSVita is also powered by ARM along with Tablets take note once again the next ver. Of the windows os Ie: windows 8 with full API support is running on ARM CORTEX.

Thats why Sony is investing into the mobile space real heavy when smartphones an tablets have the capability to run the next full ver. Of Windows with powerful GPU's right on the chip itself. Its kinda a no brainer.

Bundi2241d ago

He just said that he plans on making their focus more on software and services, not hardware specs.
No such thing as a free lunch. Cheaper means something's gotta give. I can almost guarantee that the PS4 leap will not be similar to the PS2 -> PS3 leap. PS4 may not even be the most powerful next gen console.
SONY have realised that more power doesn't necessarily mean more sales.

joeorc2240d ago

Yes there is limitations on many things.

Embedded systems can be quite viable an powerful enough to even now outstrip the power of both the xbox360 an the Ps3. That will only grow further in the next 3 to 4 years.

Remember these are not the old chipsets of past embedded systems. The new mobile chipsets are running over 2+ Ghz already but run with lower power requirements.

Why do you think Even after such a long time Microsoft which refused to support an embedded processor for its consumer ver of windows Os is now going to have to support ARM cortex powered chipsets. Look at the key areas Microsoft is also building on with windows moving forward. With cloud an windows OS 8.

The leap from the PS2 TO THE PS3 was quite a leap, but already there is malli GPU's that are already out striping the GPU of not just the xbox360's but is also using the exact same shader models as you high end Sli or crossfire GPU's are using right now. Yes a stand alone GPU is more powerful overall but thats not what the GPU's in Game console embedded systems are made for. Their made to be unified single stable production systems that are not upgradeable like the PC's are. Two systems designed for seperate markets.

The hardware for these new ARM powered system on a chip is much more advanced than you are thinking they are. Not what they really are your misconception about them is quite glareing.

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