Twisted Metal – Killstreak Rewards, Rank Unlocks, and the Hardest Trophy

MP1st - During a live developer stream, hosted by Sonyrumors, new details for Twisted Metal were revealed.

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Blaine2275d ago

It's one thing Jaffe said he learned from making Calling All Cars, that a mp game needs unlocks and progression to keep people interested (don't remember if he said stat tracking too, but I think so). So I'm not surprised there are unlocks in TM--I was just waiting for them to be announced!

That trophy doesn't sound hard though... just kind of retarded! I hope it can be done offline, otherwise I see a lot of idiots trying to do it online and making us lose the game because they were too busy trying to kill themselves with their own freeze!

soundslike2275d ago

It would have made sense for it just to be "freeze yourself"

and I usually am the guy in support of those impossible long as they represent player skill, not arbitrary luck

Blaine2275d ago

Yeah, this is just gonna become another one of those you google "easiest way to ___" trophies. Usually all these have a certain enemy and specific point in the game where they're really easy to do, but really hard to do anywhere else. I don't like these.

Like you said, I like the skill-based trophies. Not the "really hard to do unless you googled it" trophies...