The Music Of Twisted Metal

TheParanoidGamer: David Jaffe has revealed the official list of sound tracks that will be featured in Twisted Metal.

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thedude442061d ago

Twisted Metals music is one of the aspects that just makes the game that much more great. They have had a plethora of outstanding soundtracks in their games. Paint it black was one of my favorites. Music really plays a big role in the environment of games. EX :Gta Vice City.

antz11042060d ago

"Paint It Black" was amazing in TM Black. Perfect setting.

thrashermario2061d ago

so when are the twisted metal reviews coming in guy's

thedude442061d ago

i think around when the game releases, maybe before.

Shmotz2061d ago

I know they market this game as an American Heavy Metal deal but driving around blasting people to NWA is just too awesome.

Chapulin2061d ago

One of the tracks is by Hip Hop Gamer & Brain “Get Twisted”
Coming up.

lorianguy2061d ago

The title music for the demo is very catchy. Which isn't a bad thing.

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