Physics hardware makes Kepler/GK104 fast

semiaccurate:Sources tell SemiAccurate that the ‘big secret’ lurking in the Kepler chips are optimisations for physics calculations. Some are calling this PhysX block a dedicated chunk of hardware, but more sources have been saying that it is simply shaders, optimisations, and likely a dedicated few new ops. In short, marketing may say it is, but under the heat spreader, it is simply shaders and optimisations.

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Orpheus2305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )

Superb article plz approve.

SemiAccurat: "All of the benchmark numbers shown by Nvidia, and later to SemiAccurate, were overwhelmingly positive. How overwhelmingly positive? Far faster than an AMD HD7970/Tahiti for a chip with far less die area and power use, and it blew an overclocked 580GTX out of the water by unbelievable margins. That is why we wrote this article."


NYC_Gamer2305d ago

Kepler has been getting nothing but positive feed back.i advise all buyers looking for an upgrade to wait til this gpu is released

one2thr2305d ago

Cant wait to get it :) This is coming from a gtx560 owner

Orpheus2305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )

Lack of geometry ;
Solution -> Tessellation.

Lack of texture memory ;
Solution -> Partially Resident Textures of DirectX 11.1

Lack of good animations and physical interactions ;
Solution -> Kepler

Now its time for games to look really good.

Oh boy oh Metro Last Light .... can't waittttt..... take a look at the SLOWED down trailer if you haven't already.

hiredhelp2305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )

Just like to say ive just orderd myself a Sapphire 7970 earlyer today cost me £449.00 from novatech cant wait.

I was looking at the new gtx thinking what iff's but you know what they need to reconvince me after some bad times with my gtx560 and drivers what not.

I loved my 8800gtx maybe this time there get there act together i hope they do.
As for metro yeh baby looking good i cant wait eaither one of the best if not the best games THQ have had there name on this gen "METRO 2033".

Mikhail2305d ago

Got a question, Is the 7970 really a great improvement over the 570 directcuII version. I know the benchmarks show vast improvement when compared to the 580 but I want real world performance. Its really hard for me to change manufacturer seeing that I always buy Nvidia products.

Mikhail2305d ago

They need to hurry. I have always been a Nvidia buyer but the 7970's promos in our local store is tempting me.

Based on the article, they may not fully utilize PCIE 3.0, so I think I'll stick with I5-2500k..unless Ivy suprises me.

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