Nintendo adds ex-Crytek staffer

Last year, Nintendo/Retro Studios hired employees from various Western studios, including Naughty Dog and Vigil. These weren’t the company’s only significant moves, however.

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Pikajew2391d ago

That is great. Nintendo got an expert in making releastic looking games. The cry engine on the Wii U :)

Ness-Psi2391d ago

they also hired cesar the dog whisperer! now all dogs will love nintendo!

matey2391d ago

Nintendo mean buisness the Crytek dev was the brains behind CryEngine3 wow WiiU will be awesome day 1.

ChickeyCantor2390d ago

You remind me of those shouty men on television trying to sell products.

Ness-Psi2390d ago

I'm sure he also tried to sell me window glazing!