Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review: The First Twenty Hours


I dove right into Final Fantasy XIII-2. My expectations were not high. I try to make sure that my expectations are never high when a new game comes out in one of my favorite series, and considering the fact that most long-time fans consider X-2 to be an abomination, I didn’t have much hope for this -2. That, coupled with the experience given from the demo, kept my expectations low enough for this newest game that it was simply natural for me to be pleasantly surprised. Those of you who read my “First Impressions” article will know that I had reservations about the soundtrack and distaste for the voice actor used for Mog (my favorite character in the entirety of the video game universe. I have a 32-bit pixel Mog tattoo from Final Fantasy 3 on the inside of my left wrist.) Me not liking the Mog character in a Final Fantasy game is like a sure sign that the end times have arrived.

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Here's an image from the twentieth hour of your average FPS