It's time for Sony to drop the "PlayStation" brand from consoles

Digitally Downloaded writes "Sony’s console business could kick off the new generation with a fresh slate. And so it should, it’s a product line that has gone through massive changes through the years. From dedicated gaming console to home entertainment unit. From being spectacular because it uses the latest disc technology to offering a spectacular online network. From being the best console of all time to being, for its early lifespan, dangerously close to a market failure."

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GodHandDee2358d ago

Hell to the *$&#(@#ing NO!

MattS2358d ago

Noting that you replied to this in less than 3 minutes from when it went up...

How the heck could you have read that article in less than three minutes?

GodHandDee2358d ago

nope didn't waste my time. The headline was warning enough for me to stay away

Biggest2358d ago

There is no reason to read the article. The title and intro make NO sense at all. If the PS3 was close to market failure, what would you call the other consoles that had equal success in the same time frame? Should the Xbox no longer be the Xbox because the first bombed and the second sold as much as the PS3 in its first year? You can't make up imaginary facts to justify your need to say something. Say what you want to say and leave it at that. No hits for you.

gta28002358d ago

What kinda shit is this? It's like telling Microsoft to drop the Windows brand from computers. Or apple to drop it's Mac brand from computers. Don't fix what isn't broken.

dcortz20272358d ago

Why the heck do you even care if he read it or not?

sikbeta2358d ago

The F***!? The PlayStation brand has more recognition than sony and all their s*** for the last 15 years!

jeseth2358d ago


Even worse is when an auther is trolling his own article and defending it as soon as it gets a comment. Pathetic.

If you can't take any negativity then might as well stop writing crap like this.

On topic . .. . . DUMBEST IDEA I'VE HEARD IN A LONG TIME. And on N4G, thats saying soemthing!

Boody-Bandit2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

This is proof positive that anyone with webspace does NOT a critic make. There is zero accountability on the net. This has to be one of the most silliest articles I have read in the past few months and that in itself speak volumes.

@Tommykrem below:
No people DONT need to read an article with a title like that to come to the conclusion that the author knows NOTHING about business and should keep his OPINION to himself.

If it the title was written as a question than I would see your point. This was not. It was as a statement as he was going to explain why in his article. There is no explaination as to how SILLY the title is without having to have read one word of the article itself.

Tommykrem2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

I agree people should read the article at least before commenting, but I think that Sony as a brand is more damaged than PlayStation, and PS would be better of with a brand restoration. PlayStation still stands for quality, long-life span products, something that PS3 has re-affirmed. Sony on the other hand is a struggling brand, that has taken more of the bad PR for the PS brand's wrongdoings than PS itself. So since new brands are usually more connected to their creator, I think PS would be better of continuing - and I believe Sony shares this opinion.

Every outlandish thought is going to sound ridicolous before someone explains why they're not. Even though I don't agree with the article, I should give him a chance to explain himself before I call him an idiot. He makes some fair points too.

360ICE2358d ago

Agree, but I think it's all right to just reply to the title and read on, but what surprises me is the general retarded attitude here that everyone think you can tell that an article is crap based on the title. I mean, most of the times you can, but if you have that attitude all the time you'll never learn anything! What if you were a fundamental christian and KNEW that God is real, and someone writes the book "The God delusion", naturally you think it's crap if you don't read it, but in most cases as with this article and Richard Dawkins it turns out to be crap anyways. Be aware though, next time it might not.

Armyless2358d ago

Hey Matts, it's cool that you're trying to break out into the blogosphere with your writing, but don't muddy up N4g by shamelessly promoting and defending your opinion pieces. Comments in response to your "articles" here are just as valid as your original text. Having a .net after it doesn't make it more so.

joab7772357d ago

It is true that the ps3 was very close to failure early on. But, the name that may need to b changed is Sony. Its the company that has had serious issues lately. I guess it does do more than "play" but changing the name would b disastrous. MW2 tried to drop CoD and that didn't work and its the most recognizable game in the world.

SilentNegotiator2357d ago

It's just a name. I don't think it would be a deal breaker one way or the other.

MidnytRain2357d ago

Maybe I should start hitting the disagrees on peoples comments without reading them first.

MRMagoo1232357d ago


I would put this article right inline with the "is sony too dependent on exclusives" one from the other day as most stupid articles ever on N4G.

OT: What a stupid idea this would be, i cant even believe someone was dumb enough to think of this in the first place why in hell would sony get rid of the playstation name for the next gen console, playstation is THE most recognised console brand worldwide.

darthv722357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

is that it leaves no room to the imagination and interest in reading more.

To be honest, the name playstation worked for the 1st because that was what the code name was for the cd unit for the snes. Sony kept the name and went with it on their own.

Success of a product with the idea of creating a follow-up can lead one to think that the follow-up should be tied to the original in some form or another via name. I tend to think that if you are having to use the name (or part of the name) from a successful product instead of getting creative then it may be some form of confidence problem.

Meaning that because the next unit does not share the same name it may not do as well. People wont associate it as much. I have thought that was the main reason square has been using the FF name in their games. Being associated in name gives them an out so people will automatically latch on.

Taking a queue from Nintendo or even earlier than that....Atari. Although, Atari was the MFG and each system was given its own name (or rather number). 2600, 5200, 7800 until they actually got creative and made the Jaguar. Yet all the while the number was still tied to the previous system and for the most part they were generally all referred to as "ATARI...".

nintendo did it with the nes and snes (associated to each other via the "nes") but they went different with the N64 (keeping the "nintendo name though) and then the Gamecube and of course Wii. Now even though people often refer to them as nintendo this or that, the later systems had a naming that could be used on its own WITHOUT nintendo being said. ex: Gamecube and Wii instead of Nintendo Gamecube and Nintendo Wii. Even the xbox 360 is more commonly known as simply the 360.

Sony has used the playstation moniker 3 times on the console and now 2 times for a handheld. If they were to get original then the first step would actually be the "VITA". It can be called the Vita instead of the "Playstation" Vita thus being the 1st to be somewhat independent of the other. PSP was the shortened name of the playstation portable but still tied to the playstation name through the abreviation.

To think of a sony console without the playstation name would be a bold step for sony. Like coming out from under the umbrella of that names significance. To stand on its own instead of rely on the name to sell itself. Granted, playstations sell regardless of the name but you get what I mean.

I cant think of any repetitive naming for a sega system. Master system, genesis, saturn, dreamcast all viable names in their own right with the mfg name used to identify the....mfg. They all sold well on their own but then again....look at sega now.

I wouldnt shun a new sony system if it didnt have "playstation" in the name but I wouldnt call the idea idiotic either. I think all of you that are jumping all over this article need to step back and really think about the name value of things and whether or not it is worth buying into a name or the product itself.

sulack2357d ago

He probably should of, the article makes good points. Sony has been trying to integrate gaming into the home media setup for years but the amount of competing Sony products are out there. As a futureshop employee I constantly see customers buying Sony products that compete with the PlayStation 3. Why would they sell 4 different Sony Bluray players when the obvious answer is the PS3. I have literally had people turn down the PS3 to a Bluray player for 20$ less.... There is way to much consumer choice right now and the vast amount of models to the avrage consumer is overwealming. People dont want to have to search through specs to get the best, what they want is to walk into a store and buy a SONY TV with a SONY PLAYSTATION that has SONY CONTROLLERS that controls the PlayStation that is the Media center for ALL of their Movies, Music, Games, Facebook, Youtube, and a proper web browser that all just works.

I hope that makes sense im a bit tired so If you guys want me to dive into it a bit more I can but if anything I want Sony to do it first because if they do then they will do it properly. Apple gets it and people are willing to pay premium to get their products. Microsoft is getting the marketing and functionality but abusing its clients who just want functionality. Sony cares about the consumer thats why its willing to put so much into hardware and quality experiences but they dont seem to get the plug and play aspect of software.

trenso12357d ago

would he need to the title is enough lol. what the hell would they call it then

badz1492357d ago

and the article suggest them to drop the "PS" brand name? what is this? RETARDATION at the highest degree?

lex-10202357d ago

Troll boy MattS cares because he posted the article

Gaming1012357d ago

lol one more dumbass out there with big dumb ideas thinks he knows what Sony should do business wise, even though Sony has poured billions into marketing the Playstation brand, yeah they should just throw it all away and post even bigger losses marketing a new brand no one has ever heard of. Genius!

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thedude442358d ago

The only thing dropping is my wallet because sony has killer exclusives.

CarlitoBrigante2358d ago

Where do these journalists come from lol. Hey I have another genious idea!

Sony should drop the name Sony and stop being Sony and start from a fresh slate.

Armyless2358d ago

Having a website and promoting it on N4G does NOT make one a "journalist".

xxLuckyStrike2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

Playstation name absolutely not!!! However it's time to drop the numerical part.. Sony could try being a little more creative next gen. Rather than just calling the next Plastation PS4 calling it something new might be refreshing IMHO. Example: Playstation Vita

*Only more futuristic sounding like Playstation Sphere Or Playstation Realm... U get the picture

RememberThe3572358d ago

They already said their dropping the number. The next Playstation in going to be called something like the Vita is.

SandwichHammock2358d ago

*nods, presses concur button*

I personally would like the next one to named simply Playstation.

...or PSX.

*shivers* can't wait.

Soldierone2358d ago

PlayStation 360, that way MS has no way to counter the name :P Also they could act like Zynga and when MS gets mad.

(joke references the fact MS named it 360, because Xbox 2 sounds inferior than PS3. Zynga joke references the fact Zynga thinks they are an innovative company and copies Bingo Blitz)

xxLuckyStrike2358d ago

Expect a slight make over for next gen that you can count on!!

irepbtown2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

Now Playstation X sounds excellentééé

Or the PS4 = Playstation
The PS5 = Playstation X

Sony should just ask gamers :D

The 'Relm' and 'Sphere' sound WAAAAYYY too futuristic. Maybe when flying cars become the norm the Playstation then can be called 'Playstation Sphere'.
Though they should NEVER, EVER EVER EVER remove Playstation. Otherwise I will walk into Sony HQ personally. I'm not joking *serious face*

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Headshot812358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

You gotta be a complete retard to even think about re branding the Playstation name, which is successful and took nearly two decades to built, and keeps building on. Other companies would kill for it.

MastaMold2358d ago

To article: NO! thats a dumb idea

Armyless2358d ago

Don't even give this guy the benefit of calling it an "article". Anyone with $20 can buy a domain account and set up a website. "publishing" a blog on N4G requires no effort other than convincing people that because you have an opinion and $20, you are suddenly a journalist.

gtxgamer22358d ago

more like microsoft should.

specialguest2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

The article attempts to make a comparison to Nintendo, and how Nintendo was able to successfully change its handheld and console names. In a simplistic way, here's how it's flawed.

Nintendo, unlike Sony, is a brand name that strickly means video games. It doesn't matter if Nintendo Gameboy changes its name to Nintendo DS or whatever, the name Nintendo is still part of its name. Therefore, rebranding Nintendo devices like the Gameboy has no negative effect, since the name Nintendo is still part of its brand name.

The difference with Sony is that the name Sony means a wide range of things such as TVs, audio, computer, etc. If the Playstation name was removed, this will surely have a negative effect. You would have pretty much dropped a strong brand name that represents Sony's video game division. A strong brand name takes years to develope, and to throw it all away is insanely stupid. Playstation IS the Sony video game divison. It would be equivalent to Nintendo no longer calling themselves Nintendo.

Companies only rebrand their products when business is going very bad. This is definitely not the case for the Playstation brand.

LeShin2357d ago

Totally agree with specialguest's intelligent response. Dropping the Playstation moniker would be sheer lunacy!

TotalHitman2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

171 agree's to GodHanDee's comments speaks for itself. Leave the PlayStation brand alone.

GribbleGrunger2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

so we have PS/3, PS/2 (still on the market), PS/P (still on the market), PS/Vita and PS/Suite... phones, laptops and tablets are now offering PS branded games. sure, it's the perfect time to drop the PS brand name.

xtremeimport2357d ago

Playstation is like the most successful brand under the Sony name...why in gods name would you change that?

gigreen2357d ago

Yep, Playstation sounds childish.

It's not the 90s anymore where gaming was something only kids would do for the most part.

xtremeimport2356d ago

cause xbox360 sounds so MATURE...

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Ionvein2358d ago

I understand where you're coming from, I mean the Playstation is the brand on it that was for the system when it was gaming, and they have definitely changed what they do with their consoles and they are more like mass media machines than just a video game system. But I don't think they should drop the Playstation brand on their next console because that's their brand name, do I see them possibly doing it down the road years to come? Possibly who knows.

LackTrue4K2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

they will not drop the PlayStation brand name!!! they already have it on there 3D tv, the Headsets and the small Bluetooth head set. i see them making more brands off them. even if its just for there system. i see an mouse and a keyboard in the future, if not for the ps3 but maybe for the ps4.
EDIT @lonvein, "stand back now" some one give this guy his own web site. lol.....

Ionvein2358d ago

I didn't say I agreed that they should drop it, I simply stated the author had some valid points. And you don't need to give me a Sony history lesson, I'm well aware of their products if you read fully what I posted you would see how your reply is unnecessary.

Tito082358d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

@ Ionvein- The point is, "Playstation" isn't a broken brand, the author doesn't make absolutely no sense with changing a brand that has being very successful, & in one comment he says he got a Master's degree in Marketing, a lot of people say that when in reality they don't.... BTW, Sony has branded their products as Walk-man, Bravias for TVs, Vaios for laptops, now Xperias for phones... So why does it have to be the Playstation name that needs to be dropped for videogames?????.....

He's using Nintendo as an example when you look at his Avatar that implies he's a Nintendo fanboy, I mean, Nintendo failed 2 gens in a row, by both PS & Xbox respectively... Microsoft has Windows, Xbox, those names does not need to be changed at all since people can easily identify those as Microsoft products & are already household names!!!!!

Most 3rd Party games can't sell well on Nintendo devices with the exception of a few, you know why????? because Nintendo= Mario+Zelda+Pokemon, it's those 3 franchises's brand,, Nintendo would be lost if it wasn't for those 3 IPs of theirs, & most of the company's success is mostly due to Miyamoto, so in that respect, Miyamoto is who should get most of the credit, not the company!!!!

Sony= Laptops, TVs, Radios, Playstation, generally hardware electronics company... Microsoft=Windows, Hotmail, Xbox, computers, generally a software company.... Nintendo??? Nintendo= Simply videogames!!!

GraveLord2358d ago

Hell No.
No Playstation name recognition = lower sales.

There's no need for Sony to start from scratch. It's like telling Nintendo to change its name to something else.

ElementX2358d ago

No, it's not the same. Nintendo is the company name, Playstation is just the name of the console. Nintendo changes the names of their consoles. NES, Game Boy, DS, Wii...

Animals_as_Leaders2358d ago


There's no point in explaining it to the sheep. According to them the DS must have sold poorly because Nintendo dropped the gameboy name...oh wait a minute, it sold 150million...and what about an outrageous name like the Wii...surely that would discourage sales?....turns out that is incorrect also.

It turns out that quality matter the name.

Parapraxis2358d ago

It's a Nintendo DS, the Nintendo name is still clearly on every box in every single shop. Just like the Nintendo name was all over the NES and Gameboy.

Nakiro2358d ago

Nintendo had it's name on each of their consoles...

Nintendo Gameboy, Nintendo Gamecube, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Entertainment System, etc.

The only difference is that if you say Wii everyone will know what you're talking about just like if you were to say Vita.
However, if you were to just say 3, I don't see how people would relate that to Playstation 3 without further details.

dragon_rocks2358d ago

To the common public (who are not on internet following every gaming news), the word Nintendo translates to games or gaming devices. Hence the word Nintendo is the one that gets recognized as the brand name (even though its company name) and carries the brand value.

For Sony its not the same. Sony makes a hell lot of stuff ranging from TVs, Cameras, Phones etc. etc. along with games and gaming devices. The brand name that gets recognized for games/gaming devices for Sony is PlayStation which the general public recognizes. Hence moving away from PlayStation name will be a bad move for Sony.

RememberThe3572358d ago

Nintendo is a games company Sony is a multinational conglomerate. When you hear Nintedo you think gaming, when you hear Sony you think everything from music to tvs.

Nintendo is not only the name of the company but it is also it's brand. Sony is the company and Playstation is the brand. All of Nintendos consoles are preceded buy "Nintendo" the same way the Vita is preceded by PlayStation. We will see the next home console called something but it will be the PlayStation "". They already said they're dropping the number.

Why o why2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

'There's no point in explaining it to the sheep'

What an ignorant comment

Sony playstation 1 2 and 3

Tell me whats broken or give me a better name. You know little of branding....stop listening to what authors of this article and places like cnet have to say IF it makes you call people sheep for disagreeing because you should childish

BlackTar1872358d ago

Animals its clear your the sheep

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RandomDude6552358d ago

You're right.
Nintendo/Sega were primarily games companies, and the public will usually know what they offer. The companies that are conglomorates like MS and Sony need the identifier.

Magnus2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

When I think of Sony I think of the word Playstation. Just like when I think of Microsoft besides Windows i think of the word Xbox. There names that have been around for a while and sorry to say those names are burned into the minds of gamers when they buy the friggin consoles. You don't go to Gamestop and say I want the next gen Sony Playbox you say I want the PS4 dammit. Sony won't drop the Playstation name the name goes hand and hand with the name Sony. I wonder what Sony would call the next gen console if they drop the Playstation name I am sure it would be named something stupid. Besides I like calling my consoles PS1,PS2,PS3 and soon to be PS4.

waltercross2358d ago

I agree, they wont drop the PS name but I think they might drop the number.

MultiConsoleGamer2358d ago

People will say I'm crazy but that's exactly what they're going to do. And the next Sony console wont be sold as a console, but it will play games.

Figure it out.

Lyr1c2358d ago

How can you say "figure it out", when you've offered no basis for this assumption?

That's as silly as saying "The Sky will be Yellow tomorrow. Figure it out."