Twisted Metal Campaign Length; Deeper Story

TheParanoidGamer: During a live developer interview, developers from Eat, Sleep, Play discussed the story length along with other new details.

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NegativeCreep4272181d ago

How about second day? Is that better?

antz11042181d ago

Sweet Tooth origin story!!!!


acemonkey2181d ago

nice...but im jumping in the mp when i get this game

LackTrue4K2181d ago

i want to, but I'm getting my ass kicked by the AL. i need alot of practices on the game, need to get used to the control setup!!! "its been too long the last time i played Twisted Metal!!!"

DeleteThisxx2181d ago

The problem for me is it hasn't been long since I last played Twisted Metal. Wish there was some sort of button mapping because IMO... the new controls suck. Regardless, I'll be picking the game up and I will most certainly enjoy it.

SoapShoes2181d ago

I don't see how they suck. It has the same controls as the old one and racing is pretty much the same set up as any racing game that is out now days. I prefer classic though. Haven't tried dual stick yet.

Nitrowolf22181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

I don't like Dual Stick unless it's over the top view games.

smashcrashbash2181d ago

Don't worry. Jaffe said the AI will be nothing like it is in the demo. You notice they only attack you and not each other? That's not going to happen in the actual game. That is why it's so hard. But believe it or not I still got 3 kills somehow in a match

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BitbyDeath2181d ago

Not me i want to see all the twisted stories first.
Can't wait!

Der_Kommandant2181d ago

I'm gonna play this game for the next 10 years of my life

soundslike2181d ago

or....until they release a sequel

xyxzor2181d ago

The multiplayer demo was fun, despite the ridiculous amount of matchmaking issues for deathmatch.

SAE2181d ago

the AI is easy after the 4 time playing without even training to me , i hope it's harder , i hope they put seceret weapons and things in the maps , put more stuff then fighting , just like the zombies in world at war , they have seceret things in the map that makes the maps intersting and not boring by figuring how to find these secrets ...

they really really really need to fix the servers or something like that , i only found one match in more then 24 hours ...

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