Tales of Innocence R: Past Lives DLC Costumes And 50k Sales In Its First Week "Ruca and party get to dress up as their past selves in this new batch of DLC costumes. Also, Tales of Innocence R sold 50,000+ units in its first week."


Ange's second Mystic Arte has also been released:

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MasterCornholio1579d ago

Dang out of 500 thousand Vitas only 50,000 bought this game. Hopefully the numbers for Persona 4 and Gravity Daze will be better.


resistance1001579d ago

A 10% software attachment rate to a console in it's first week is really high.

Especially one which is just a port from the DS.

tarbis1579d ago

Bamco should have made an original tales game for PSV and not a port. Ported games to Playstation brand always sell less.

Cloudberry1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

Those 50,000 does not included with the digital sales if I'm not mistaken.

EngatoDreylorm1578d ago

Yup, it doesn't. So it could've sold more than that.