Armchair Thoughts: The State of Traditional Video Game Stores

Over in the UK a report was published today revealing uneasy details regarding one of the go to store Game for your video game needs. The business has apparently been down in sales by 17.6 percent in the UK over the last year and has struggled to financially make a profit.

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Magnus2358d ago

I shop at Gamestop to get the rare games like Ar Tonelico 3 or HyperDimension Neptunia MK 2 because I know they will get the game. I have never seen a game like Ar Tonelico 3 show up at a Wal-Mart because the game had a short production run. And Wal-MArt will only carry current titles that have been around for a few months to a year.The will keep it behind the glass doors then after the game gets stale they throw it in the bargain bin. You have a better chance of finding a game like Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 wrapped brand new at Gamestop then you do at Wal-Mart.