The Best Games of this Generation – Mirror's Edge

We take a look back at the best games of the generation. This week it's Mirror's Edge!

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Hufandpuf2361d ago

This game's art style is timeless. I think years down the line this game environment is made to not look outdated.

firefoxprime2361d ago (Edited 2361d ago )


Played the demo on my cousin's PS3 back in 2008.

Its the reason I bought a PS3(May 2011)

The visuals are just so realistic and crisp! If DICE pulls out a 2nd Mirror's Edge, I gaurantee you, I'll preorder this as my first $60 PS3 title. After that'll be FFVersusXIII hehehe

don't even get me started on potential multiplayer :P

Hufandpuf2361d ago

DICE really has an opportunity to create something unique with the multiplayer side of this game.

MastaMold2361d ago

Good game, great soundtrack hope DICE makes a sequel

Grimhammer002361d ago

A massive reason why Mirrors Edge was so great is the music. Man I still get goosebumps playing it to that theme.

Yeah, definitely my favorite new ip of this gen.
Have they 100% said a sequel is in the works?

Drazz2361d ago

Yeah, I still have the music video on my 360.

theeg2361d ago

mirrors edge was an absolute blast, but it's not even in my top 10

those would be something like;

starcraft 2
the witcher 1 and 2
baldurs gate 2 SoA
Demons souls
BF3 on PC (best multiplayer shooter ever)
Diablo 2

mirrors edge is definately somewhere in my top 50 though...a great game, better than bioshock imo, and i loved bioshock.