Syndicate - Multiplayer Co-op Demo Gameplay

Check out the various dynamics and intense realistic combat feel of the multiplayer mode.

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Hazmat132273d ago

i love this demo cant wait to play the full game!

Dazel2273d ago

It's ok, good solid co op but i can see it getting boring pretty quick. Also it freezes up your console a lot, happen three times for me and the same for my two mates, all at different time. It may be just the demo but i doubt it, sub 20 quid summer filler at best.

Grimhammer002272d ago

Loved syndicate demo. No lock ups here. Twisted metal is full of lock ups for me.

I was going to get the darkness 2, but I'm thinking syndicate now!

Statix2272d ago

According to the Amazon product page, there are only 9 total co-op missions. Thus, there's a great likelihood that the co-op mode won't last very long. Time will tell, but I really hope the co-op mode is long and substantial, and not just an afterthought to the single-player campaign.