The Ridiculous Three-Month Ban of An Innocent Xbox Gamer

Reclaiming a hacked account is always a nuisance, but Josh Hinkle's nightmarish story of losing, reclaiming, re-losing, and then re-reclaiming his Xbox Live account takes the cake.

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Brosy2335d ago (Edited 2335d ago )

This guys case was just an anomally. 9-10 times people get banned for breaking the rules. The guy even got a free console out of it. Thats more than what sony would have done. I'm glad MS takes these things serious.

jwk942335d ago

The only reason he got a free Xbox is because this dude spread his story around. Kinda like how Susan got her stuff fixed real quick when he story blew up. Face it, if this happens to you and you send you story, you'll get fixed before anyone else.

byrnezy2335d ago

jwk94 hit the nail on the head there... love how brosy took a stab at sony in the same paragraph lol

Solid_Snake372334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )

''Thats more than what sony would have done. I'm glad MS takes these things serious.'' *looks at failure rate of the xbox* yeah, sure.

ShoryukenII2334d ago

Does Sony ban people at all? I've never heard any stories of it and I've never been banned. Serious question.

kreate2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )


sure. Sony bans ppl too. mostly becuz of bad misconduct especially in HOME.

First offense is 30 day ban from the psn. They send u screenshots of what u said to ppl.

Other times they send u to HOME jail until u calm down. Or pick u up in the air and tries to talk to u. If u badmouth the mods while ur in the air than ur ban for 30 days.

Sexual harrassment. Imitating a sony rep, stalking, disturbance of peace, etc, are grounds of getting banned.

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Christopher2335d ago (Edited 2335d ago )

I just want to point out the first sentence in this article:

***Reclaiming a hacked account is always a nuisance...***

How do people expect regular users who comment on articles about the 360 account issues to not claim it to be hacking when so many gaming sites call it hacking?

Now, as to the rest of the article:

*** I reported it immediately to Microsoft, but nothing had happened for over 2 months.As such, in late December I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, and finally got a call from an Exceptions Analyst with the Microsoft Corporate office in response to the complaint.***

Normally, I'd try to contact the service provider at least 3 times before going to BBB. Perhaps the person did, but it doesn't seem like it. Seems like he waited two months (or forgot about it, since I wouldn't wait that long) and then just went straight for the jugular.

***Since the hacker had my Windows Live ID and Password, they apparently have no way of knowing when my account was compromised before it was migrated to Russia on October 25th, and the violation that got the account banned happened before that.***

This is the massive problem I have with the whole accounts getting accessed via the Windows Live system. I and many others know our accounts were accessed with means beyond our control other than using a known e-mail address. It wasn't phishing or something similar. It was a brute attack, and not with weak passwords either.

Now, if Microsoft's system is (or was) accessible to such attacks, they should be held responsible for these actions. But, they're acting as if it's the fault of the user that someone bypassed their security methods for managing and detecting these type of attacks, let alone for allowing them to continue.

Microsoft needs to start becoming aware that they are essentially telling customers that there is no way to protect themselves other than to use a unique e-mail address that is otherwise never used for anything but that service. Honestly, forcing users to take extreme measures to protect something that Microsoft already has plenty of methods that could be implemented to prevent these without the user having to be burdened as such is far from the right direction.

Magnus2335d ago (Edited 2335d ago )

I would have been pissed if this happened to me the customer service does suck at Microsoft its their way or the hiway. If My account got hacked personally I would just pack up the system and throw it in a box under the bed. They lost my Xbox when I sent it in to get fixed because of the RROD and the second time they made my other console disappear because the disc drive was having problems and they won't return the console. I told them I have had enough keep the console I am going to Nintendo and Sony their customer service is way better. Yet I bought another 360 and play it here and there bought it on boxing day cheap. I feel sorry for the guy having to go through all this I was playing XBL last year and someone hacked the rep system. I phoned Microsoft and told them they said XBL was unhackable i told the guy if I can hook it up to the internet it can get hacked. So I gave him the gamer tags of the hackers and have heard nothing to this day.

-Mika-2335d ago

Should of bought a PS3.

kaveti66162335d ago

Unless he's a big fan of Halo or something. In which case, buying a PS3 wouldn't help him.

h311rais3r2334d ago

You shouldnt have commented.

BattleTorn2334d ago

MS's customer service can be quite arrogant; don't get me wrong.

But I've had similar experiences deal with PSN support.

I bought Resistance 3 brand-new, and sealed, from Gamestop on Sept.6th 2011.

I was playing campaign for the first week, and hadn't attempted to use my Online-Pass, yet.
When I did, the Online-Pass was used.

Sony told be that the code was used after the day of purchase (on another account) and that there was no-way they could determine whether it was me or not. And said that they wouldn't replace the code, for they can't be certian someone in my household (which I said I live alone), or a friend visiting took the code.

When I told the PSN customer service that it's a joke that they use 16-digit codes, and that they are much easier to 'crack' than say a 25-character code.

The Customer Service Representative laughed and said "Haha, yeah I'll be sure to pass that idea on, next time I pass the CEOs office"

Seriously, unproffessional.

Gamestop was the one to finally replace the code; and the store manager said he'd be giving Sony a call after hearing what they said about my idea of using a more secure code.

DigitalRaptor2334d ago

You sure no one who came into contact with your game case found the code and used it? A friend, sibling, parent perhaps? Not saying you're wrong, but someone might've used it whilst you left it unclaimed.

BattleTorn2333d ago

I live alone, and literally have no friends that play video-games (not that I have none at all).

When I told them this. They said what you said.