7 Recent Shooters With Better Online Than Call of Duty

Call of Duty games always have pretty good campaigns (if a little senseless), but it’s the multiplayer component where they actually shine. It’s been hyped over and over ever since Call of Duty 4 took the world by storm just how revolutionary and addictive the franchise’s multiplayer is. But to be truthful, there are a lot of other shooters that have come out recently and have much better multiplayer than you’ll see in Black Ops or Modern Warfare 3. So here’s a list of 7 such recent shooters that have awesome multiplayer components that boast of plenty of component and very little bugs.

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Brosy2274d ago

I don't know how they come to the "recent" conclusion. Some of these games have been out for years.

Vladplaya2274d ago

Not sure what Battlefield 3 the author plays, but Battlefield 3 on PC supports maximum 64 players per map, not a 100. I wish it would though.

scrambles2273d ago

ive seen hacked servers that have 128. it just turns every map in OP metro with all the rocket spam.

Vladplaya2273d ago

I am not saying you couldn't do 100 people per server, Project Reality mod for Battlefield 2 had servers with 200+ players support years ago, but the fact is, that official BF3 game supports 64 players on PC.

MurDocINC2273d ago

I enjoy BF play4free over all thoes games.

SillyBastid2272d ago

If you want to compare MW3 to recent "shooters" they should probably keep it to FPS. I don't see the value in comparing GOW3 or UC3 to MW3.