GameArena: Aliens: Colonial Marines may not be a AAA title

GameArena: The longer a game stays in development, the greater the risk that it may not be as awesome as originally envisioned. We take a look at whether Aliens: Colonial Marines is getting the AAA treatment.

"Over five years ago, in December 2006, Sega announced they had bought the electronic rights to the Alien franchise and, a few days later, Gearbox Software declared the existence of a then untitled Aliens game. Long development cycles for games isn’t exactly a new thing, and considering that Gearbox Software has released Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway, Borderlands and Duke Nukem Forever since the announcement of the Colonial Marines game name, it’s only right to point out that they haven’t exactly been sitting on their thumbs. "

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palaeomerus2388d ago

If Gearbox/2K/Fox/Sega (whoever publishes) spend a lot of money making it and marketing it then it's a 'AAA' title. Don't use the term if you don't understand what the industry means by it.

RedDead2388d ago

Yeah AAA is constantly getting confused with "good game". It simply means the amount of money gone into the project

2388d ago