VGRT Gaming Podcast Episode 249: Milestone Looming

For those of you good at math, you might notice that the TD Gaming Podcast is one episode away from a special number. While we have a surprise in store for loyal listeners, there’s still this week’s news to discuss. For starters, the classic Silent Hill 2 is the subject of the Gaming Flashback, even though none of the podcasters have gotten a chance to actually play it.

There’s also some interesting news to discuss, including:

* Christian group accuses The Old Republic of “warping kids” with pro-gay message
* Rumor: Next Harmonix project being released on XBLA, PSN, and Facebook
* EA Sports: SSX will bring extreme sports videogames back to prominence
* Xbox 720 rumors springing up like wildfire
* PS Vita continues to struggle in Japan
* SNK brings Neo*Geo back as a handheld

There’s plenty of Reader Feedback, but there’s no Question of the Week, because there’s a special episode coming up. Ooooh, what could it possibly be?

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