The Simpsons Arcade Game Details Reveals early release for Xbox Live

Check out the new info on the release of the classic arcade game. And find out how early Xbox live gets it.

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Magnus2356d ago

This game ate many of my quarters back in the day really good game glad to see is coming back to PSN and XBL.

topgun332356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

Now with this, and x-men, I hope Konami can go for the trifactor-The TmNT arcade game for the Playstation network. At one point, it was released for xbox live arcade. Turtles in time was alright, but the arcade is classic.

Kurt Russell2356d ago

I got it on xbox live... you may find yourself a bit dissapointed with it... was a lot more fun 20 years ago :/

Buzz7S2356d ago

It was supposed to be available to PSN+ members, but it got delayed a week, which means it will be made available days AFTER its release on Xbox LIVE.

To compensate PSN+ members (like myself), they are extending the free offer of BttF, which has been available for a few weeks now. Nothing says sorry like putting an extension on something that just about every PSN+ member would of already downloaded.

Now, problem I have - do I download on Xbox LIVE and enjoy it for a week? Or, do I wait for PSN release and download it for free via PSN+?

M-Easy2356d ago

Always go free. How is that even a question?

Buzz7S2356d ago

You must not be familiar with PSN+, because if you choose to not renew the subscription, you no longer have access to the full game.

MrBeatdown2356d ago

You realize that the PS Blog post announcing Simpsons Arcade was a preview of the FEBRUARY update, right? Tuesday, JANUARY 31 was the day of the last PSN Store update.

The blog post mentioned the release date multiple times... February 7... the first PS Store update in February. It wasn't delayed.

Buzz7S2356d ago

Actually, it was. If you even follow the blog post(s) or the replies from Sony staff, you would see that he even made mention of it.

Oh, and also,

Thank you, come again.

MrBeatdown2355d ago

Ah, sorry about that. I was thinking the US PlayStation store.

contra1572356d ago

Definitely a purchase on PSN. Wish it also was compatible with my PlayStation portable