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GamingUnion: "Final Fantasy XIII-2 can hardly be described as long-awaited, in fact it's only been two years since its predecessor made its way to Western shores. A bit of an apology to its veteran fanbase, Square Enix have made it a point to address many of the issues found in the first game, and to a certain degree of success."

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Hardedge2358d ago

Decent game, but still unlikely to convince anyone that really disliked the first.

Myst2358d ago

That is exactly what I was wondering. After what we all or rather most of us experienced in FF13 I'm wondering how this one is getting so high. I saw a few changes that were brought about but didn't know if they were THAT good, I may have to rent it and see for myself then.

Magnus2358d ago

Its not a bad game the load times kinda suck its better than FFX-2

TopDudeMan2358d ago

I liked 13. If 13-2 is better than 13, then I'll get it at some point down the line. What I've been hearing has been good, though so far.

Elda2358d ago

Playing it now,the opening cgi was sick,Lightning is one bad ass bitch!!!!

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