Has the Wii U caused a revolution in console generations?

MMGN: While Sony has been putting its money where its mouth is on the PSP brand, backing it to the hilt with Vita being categorically confirmed to be the sequel to the original handheld, Nintendo still have most games journalists confused about exactly what their next proposition is.

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fluffydelusions2392d ago

We don't know enough about Wii U to say anything and lets just leave it at that.

Godmars2902392d ago

Pity such wasn't said to the article's author...

Ness-Psi2392d ago

it's great more momentum is building up for the WiiU, but i'm getting impatient, E3 cant come quick enough.

Shok2392d ago

It hasn't even released yet. Can't say.

MariaHelFutura2392d ago

And the PS4 has the best launch line up in history......

h311rais3r2392d ago

And what proof do u have fanboy? All the ps3 launch titles bomber and developed better later. That does not mean they will launch well. Fanboys....

mike1up2392d ago

Then what is stopping Sony from launching the PS4 this year?

Half-Mafia2392d ago

@h311rais3r if the Vita is any insight, then you can see that Sony has changed the way they develop hardware. where the hardware and software teams work together from day 1.

suicidalblues2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )


Man, you've got to have an IQ in the single digits. That was just random sarcasm, you tool.

remanutd552392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

i was thinking the same thing , i think my 7 years old nephew could have understood the sarcasm

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PopRocks3592392d ago

Oy, I'm getting tired of these speculative articles. Unless there is actual information, let's not approve these.

Gr812392d ago

Nothing of Wii U yet. Hell that might not even be the final name (let's hope not).

But if there were ever a console that caused a revolution in console generations look no further than the Wii. In an age where HD was thought to be the end all be all, an SD console managed to become the runaway success and made the question of graphical importance seem secondary to the complete package of a game.

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