Great Debate: Will Final Fantasy XIII-2 reclaim lost fans? | PS3 Attitude

PS3A says: "The sequel to the much criticised Final Fantasy XIII is trying to steer the series back towards its roots, but has Square Enix done enough to reclaim its lost fans, those who were left alienated by Final Fantasy XIII’s never-ending corridor? PS3 Attitude’s Stefhutch20 and Seanoc offer their verdicts."

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fluffydelusions2237d ago (Edited 2237d ago )

No...been playing since release and it's basically just XIII and the PS3 version looks worse than the original. If you didn't like XIII you won't like this one...simple as that really.

PamPoovey2237d ago

I know's silly, I mean how can you reclaim fans when it's a SEQUEL to the game they hate, fair enough if FF15 was coming out and this article popped up about that game instead. I mean despite what "improvments" reviews said about FF13-2 I also think it plays the same as FF13....I bet thats why it still got a lower score then FF13 to be honest.

Although in my opinion an 8 is still being generous though, the EDGE 5/10 review was spot on, I kind of think reviewers know how we think now and are using this to their advantage, since most of us think that an 8 is bad these days thhats why they've given that to FF13-2.......we know it's bad because we think an 8 is "bad" and at the same time they don't cause backlash to FF13 fans.....pretty smart if you ask me

iamtehpwn2237d ago

If you hated XIII's combat system, it won't change much for you; but for me personally, I thought XIII's combat system was pretty decent if you went to the settings and turned off Autobattle, and default it to Abilities instead.

With that said, I'm enjoying XIII-2 infinitely more than XIII. I'm having fun exploring. Right now, I'm simply going through, finding different artefacts, catching new monsters and collecting new items.

I just hope they keep these ideas of rewarding exploration for Final Fantasy XV.

Troll-without-Bridge2236d ago

People didn't like FFXIII for a reason, flaws. If those flaws are fixed (and they were) then there is no reason to not like the game. Your answer basically goes along what the article said, the more distracted people will look at the game from a far and think its the same product simply because its in the same world and characters.

And no, i don't believe you played the game. New bodhum, the beginning of the game is more open and offers more variety than FFXIII put together.

rebirthofcaos2237d ago

not me,after the let down of 13 I have yet to purchase anything from them,level 5 ftw, cant wait for Ni no Kuni

stonecold32237d ago

yep im going to ni no kuni and final fantasy vs 13 when ever that come out i will buy ff13xiii2 in bargain bins

Elda2237d ago (Edited 2237d ago )

Always been a fan,nothing has changed,loved FF-13 & now diggin the begining of FF-13-2!

Baba19062236d ago

im excited for the 13-2 its not gonna be the rpg of the year, but it will be good, im sure. i didnt hate 13 as much as others.