Geeked Out: The Kid from Bastion Munny

RipTen: After a playthrough of Bastion, Denise decided that she was going to honor the Kid’s legacy by making a munny version of him. Now, she didn’t just use a sharpie a scribble a few things on him to make him resemble the Kid. She went all out. She not only sculpted the Kid’s hair and armor, but she proceeded to lovingly hand paint every detail, even bothering to air brush the tips of his hair and “weather” his armor.

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greeneggsnsam2238d ago

I still dont get munnys but it is cool anyway!

BlackjackCF2238d ago

If only I were that artistic...

Sandwich Bender2238d ago

I need to play Bastion already.

DarkMellie2238d ago

I'd buy one of these in a flash!